Momokuri Episodes 11 + 12

Review: Each week this show delivers a pleasant little story but it isn't doing anything particularly noteworthy. This week Momotsuki and Kurihara go to a festival, get separated, and then find each (with some help from Rio). There's a few other things happening but mostly that's it. Momotsuki continues to be plagued by various self-doubts … Continue reading Momokuri Episodes 11 + 12


Orange Episode 5

Review: It's nice to see Naho finally thinking things through and wondering about the ramifications of altering the past (even if that thought process was triggered by a pretentious science teacher). Also good to see her finally attempt being a little proactive even if the results weren't what she had hoped. Still just going to … Continue reading Orange Episode 5

Momokuri Episodes 9 + 10

Review: Same old. Kurihara goes shopping and agonized over her choice of swimsuit as well as whether she's offended Rio. They go on the BBQ and cute things are said and various characters blush. One positive of this episode is that some of the support cast get a bit of time to show us they … Continue reading Momokuri Episodes 9 + 10

Super Lovers Series Review

I've watched week to week and covered this in 100 word stints but not that the final episode has aired, the question becomes whether or not the series as a whole is worth the time. If you want to read my posts about individual episodes, they are here. Overview: The story starts with Haru arriving … Continue reading Super Lovers Series Review