Momokuri Series Review – Extremely Cute Moments But Fairly Forgettable


Momokuri takes the journey of girl stalks boy and

Super Lovers Series Review: Not Sure About the Super Part – But They Are Working on the Lovers Part

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At no point did I want to drop this show even on a second viewing. I did however want it to speed up a bit and maybe have a little bit more happening in each episode. So what is good about the series?

Yuri on Ice Episode 12

Victor - Yuri on Ice

Review: A beautiful ending (or non-ending depending on how you choose to take it) to a beautiful character piece. This show has never been perfect and the final episode is no different. If you look you'll find things to criticise and that's fine if that is what you want to do. For me though, I … Continue reading Yuri on Ice Episode 12

Friday’s Feature – Beneath the Squeals What Is Driving Yuri On Ice Fans?

Yuri - Yuri on Ice

Wow, it's a Yuri on Ice post. How original. By the way if you aren't up to at least episode 10, maybe pass on this for now but come back. Of course, if you've watched episode 11 things have changed again but I'm not touching that until I've had a bit more time to think … Continue reading Friday’s Feature – Beneath the Squeals What Is Driving Yuri On Ice Fans?

Yuri on Ice Episode 10


Review: Normally, in a show like this when we have an episode almost entirely devoted to the characters taking a break from fighting (sport) what we end up with is a shallow filler episode filled with comedic moments that don't really work and some very casual characterisation. Yuri on Ice shows us what an episode … Continue reading Yuri on Ice Episode 10

Super Lovers Series Review

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Super Lovers is a boys love anime with an age gap and a number of standard genre and premise problems occur. That said, it isn't a total disaster of an anime.