Ranking The Students of Class E in Assassination Classroom From Worst to Best

Class E Ranking from Worst to Best

Alright, the title is probably a slight over-statement because lets be honest, Class E in Assassination Classroom has a lot of students and we’d be here all day if I actually wanted to talk about each and every one of them. With that in mind, the rankings are entirely my own opinion based on how much I enjoyed the character and watching their growth throughout the series.

As this is a list of the students though, Koro-Sensei, Irina and Karasuma will not be included. Which is a shame because Karasuma could top the list if he was included really (I think its his voice).

Assassination Classroom - the teachers and students of Class E

So how many characters have we met that have been remembered for me to rank? Well way too many to do them all individually. So a few characters will be grouped together to make life a bit easier in the earlier stages of the list.

That said there will be spoilers below for some of the members of Class E and their arcs within Assassination classroom so you have been warned.

The characters of class e

The Worst Character from Class E – Seat 28, Itona Horibe

Maybe this isn’t fair to poor Itona as he joined the group late and was originally a fairly antagonistic character but honestly I just never clicked with him.

It was kind of cool having another character burst into the story with tentacles that could kind of fight on level with Koro-Sensei (kind of). However his flat personality and with him being easily manipulated, Itona never really made much impression other than being a plot device or tool of other forces.

Even after he officially joined the class, he more or less fit in with a pre-existing group and then more or less blended into the background making anything interesting about his character quickly fade away.

Of course, some people would disagree so be sure to judge for yourself.

The Most Forgettable Characters From Class E – Let’s List Them

As I said before, there’s too many characters in Assassination Classroom to really give them all much time and attention. So once the anime is done, which characters in Class E leave little impression and may even leave you scratching your head and wondering who they were or what they did in the story?

  • Seat 3, Taiga Okajima
  • Seat 4, Hinata Okano
  • Seat 6, Meg Kataoka
  • Seat 8, Yukiko Kanzaki
  • Seat 9, Justice Kimura
  • Seat 10, Hinano Kurahashi
  • Seat 12, Sugaya Sosuke
  • Seat 14, Kotao Takebayashi
  • Seat 15, Ryunosuke Chiba
  • Seat 18, Kirara Hazama
  • Seat 19, Rinka Hayami
  • Seat 20, Sumire Hara
  • Seat 21, Yuzuki Fawa
  • Seat 22, Hiroto Maehara
  • Seat 23, Koki Mimura
  • Seat 24, Takuya Murumatsu
  • Seat 25, Toka Yada
  • Seat 26, Taisei Yoshida
The students of Class E in Assassination Classroom.

Sorry guys, some of you had a great moment or two but with such a huge cast ultimately unless I’m looking at a picture of you, I probably couldn’t confidently remember you.

A couple of these characters I’m struggling to remember even with the picture.

As a cast you work and Class E is highly entertaining to spend time with; however, individually you just aren’t that memorable.

Ultimately Pretty Bland Character in Class E- Seat 2, Yuma Isogai

Yuma Class E Assassination Classroom

As the male class rep and a character who actually gets some backstory and more than one episode where he features as more or less the lead character, Isogai doesn’t leave much of an impression.

Sure he’s nice and hardworking and one of the more reasonable characters in the cast, but that kind of works against him as he ends up just being overwhelmed by the bigger personalities.

That said, if you were going to assemble a team to take on a giant yellow octopus, you could do worse than including an Isogai in your group. He’s good at reading the mood and doesn’t insist on having things his way. A natural peace maker and someone focused on results.

Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with this character except he doesn’t really leave a huge impression.

Good Support Character From Class E With A Not So Great Twist – Seat 7, Kaede Kayano

Kaede Class E Assassination Classroom

I really loved Kaede early on. She was a great support character for Nagisa and just kind of cute and bubbly. Her Pudding Assassination Plot does need to go down as one of the more bonkers anime plans I’ve ever scene and really if they’d left her character there she may have even ended up in my top 3 for characters in Class E.

Unfortunately, Kaede ends up being a victim of one of the worst plot twists Assassination Classroom pulls out and essentially ret-cons our entire impression of Kaede and her motives from before the series even began in order to pull out another fight sequence and stretch the story.

It seriously soured my impression of Kaede and that’s a shame because season 1 Kaede is pretty cool and if you ignore that particular character development she could have been one of the best in the cast.

Character from Class E We Love To Hate – Seat 16, Ryoma Terasaka

Terasaka Class E Assassination Classroom

Every class has to have a character who thinks they are all that, a leader that others should follow, and in honesty they are just kind of lame. Class E has Terasaka who is the king of his own little mind and looked down upon by pretty much everyone in the class. Even his own little group of friends mock him, even if it is more good-humoured.

As the story progresses, Terasaka is responsible for a number of incidents that largely push the audience to dislike him. His manipulation of Nagisa to risk himself, his betrayal of the class to work with Itona, coupled with his generally brash and loud personality all position him as a character the audience are not supposed to like.

However, there are also more than enough moments where Terasaka somehow or another pulls through or does something pretty decent making him more of a lovable oaf than an irredeemable bully and by and large, the Class E dynamic wouldn’t work without a Terasaka so we have to celebrate that he’s a part of the group.

Great Moments Early on But Soon Overshadowed Character From Class E – Seat 13, Tomohito Sugino

Tomohito Class E Assassination Classroom

As the heading says, Sugino had a few early moments of brilliance. The baseball kid from Class E comes up with a number of plans to take on Koro-Sensei and also gets to be the focus of the episode on a number of occasions as we see him dealing with his old team-mates from the baseball team he is no longer a part of.

That said, Sugino quickly vanishes from the limelight and remains an active participant in a range of assassination attempts and a voice in the crowd but his own character growth is more or less ended by the mid-point of season 1.

Still, he’s a fun guy and despite so little presence in later episodes he isn’t forgotten once Assassination Classroom draws to a close.

Not Just a Pretty Face Character From Class E – Seat 17, Rio Nakamura

Rio Class E Assassination Classroom

A character like Rio could have just been used as fan-service by Assassination Classroom. Or the foreign blonde student cliché. Or any number of other tropes that we’ve seen before.

Instead, Rio is a member of Class E who is rarely the central character but has ongoing regular contributions to the story and a strong enough personality to stand out.

She’s got some confidence and sass but she’s also aware of her own limitations and weaknesses. She’s one of the few in the class who we see early on has some genuine ambition but Rio is also pretty playful and at times pushes other characters well out of their comfort zone.

By the end of Assassination Classroom, Rio stands out from the crowd even if her specific contributions have blended in with the rest of Class E.

The Great Behind The Scenes Contributor in Class E – Seat 27, Ritsu

Ritsu Class E Assassination Classroom

Another character introduced to the class late, Ritsu is actually an AI but she most definitely has her own personality. While at first it is pretty much entirely built around killing Koro-Sensei, after he gives her a bit of a tune-up she becomes very much a team player.

The other students of Class E also take to Ritsu as she adds herself as a mobile-app on their phones and assists with planning and communications during most of their missions.

With her cheery personality, her ability to learn from prior attempts, as well as her overall contributions to each mission, Ritsu is an invaluable cast member and one I kind of loved getting to know by the end of the series.

Any Moment Featuring This Character in Class E is Pretty Solid – Seat 5, Manami Okuda


This chemistry loving, glasses wearing cutie is a quiet gem in the class and responsible for some great visual gags throughout Assassination Classroom as she attempts to kill the teacher with various concoctions.

While Okuda’s character rarely gets the spot-light, she’s actually got an interesting personality and I loved her single-minded focus on science. But it was her growth in realising she needed to work with others and learn some people skills to succeed that really elevated her in amongst the students of Class E.

That said, the idea of Okuda and Karma ending up together was pretty terrifying given the damage Karma could cause with Okuda’s chemistry to back him up.

Appearances of Okuda may not be frequent but when she does get centre-stage expect great (or explosive) results.

Almost the Best Character in Class E – Seat 11, Nagisa Shiota


Nagisa is as close to a main protagonist as Assassination Classroom is going to get with a lot of the episodes related through his perspective or with added narration by his character. He’s also central in most plots either being part of carrying them out or being grilled by the other members of Class E for his list of Koro-Sensei facts and weaknesses that they might exploit.

However, as much as Nagisa originally comes off as a pretty bland, nice protagonist, his character has been written with some surprising depth and there are some interesting personality traits and traumas that come out as the story progresses.

What makes Nagisa such a fantastic character, and the character who probably would have been my pick for best character were it not for a certain red-head, is the growth he undertakes throughout the series as he comes to learn about himself, overcome some of his weaknesses, and accepts those parts of himself he cannot change.

That and his seriously scary abilities as an assassin have definitely earned him the second top spot for me.

Best Character in Class E – Seat 1, Karma Akabane


Okay, anyone who has followed my blog for any length of time, or read my review of Assassination Classroom, is not surprised by this pick. Karma is the undisputed legend of Class E having brains, a cool personality, some impressive abilities as an assassin, and generally having enough charisma to pull off the bad-boy routine most of the time.

That he also gets knocked down a peg early on in the series after a series of failed attempts to solo-kill Koro-Sensei helps a lot as honestly he really did have a pretty huge ego. Further set-backs in season one force Karma to re-evaluate and he ends up a much stronger person and perhaps a ‘nicer’ character for it.

Though nicer or not, he’ll still tell you straight to your face what he thinks of you and he doesn’t mince words.

Yep, Karma is undoubtably my pick for best character from Class E in Assassination classroom.

Do you agree with my rankings?

That’s my ranking of the students of Class E after rewatching Assassination Classroom on more than one occasion. That said, it is entirely based on my own opinion and I’d love to know who you would have picked as the best or the worst character so leave me a comment below and get the conversation started.

Images from: Assassination Classroom. Dir. S Kishi. Lerche. 2015

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Reflecting on the 100 Worst Anime Openings

100 Worst Anime Openings

K at the Movies had a great idea – though one that probably cost them a lot of time and effort – to rank the worst anime openings of all time and to collaborate with a large number of bloggers.

The project completed I am now reflecting on the experience of being involved in such a large project.

Admittedly, I actually did keep an audio recording of my reactions while listening to and ranking the majority of the anime OP’s on the list and I intended to put together a podcast with some of the highlights. Turns out, listening to and discussing that many songs left me with a lot of audio and to be honest I haven’t had the time to go through it and put together something cohesive.

I’ll get there.

Anyway, if you didn’t get to see the finished project when it came out early in June you can check it out on K’s blog or on YouTube. I’ll try to embed here and we’ll see if it sticks. But seriously, go visit K’s blog as they put a lot into this project plus have links to all the ‘experts’ who contributed to the voting and ranking of these songs.

100 Worst Anime Openings Of All Time!

Anyway, even though we ended up with a list of the 100 worst anime openings, we actually listened to and ranked about 150 different openings. I ended up breaking the play list into batches because after about thirty openings they all kind of started blending and I found my attention wavering and giving lower scores more from fatigue than actually disliking the song.

While we were allowed to score things using part numbers (so 1.5) I stuck to whole numbers between 1 – 10 because otherwise it may have taken literally all year for me to have gone through this list and actually scored the openings.

Weirdly, I only gave 6 anime openings a score of 1 and looking back now I’m pretty sure all of them deserved it though if I had to personally choose the worst anime opening from the whole list I’d probably give it to Honey and Clover. I actually had to double check that I’d opened the right link because I just couldn’t believe that was the opening.

My reaction to watching Honey and Clover opening - nominated for worst anime opening of all time.
What is this that I’m watching?

I was far more generous with scores of 2 with 20 anime openings earning this fairly low mark. Usually that meant I couldn’t stand it but I suspected that someone, somewhere might have appreciated something about the anime opening. For me, the squeakiness of the Squid Girl Opening had me wanting to exit out of that video fast and yet I was committed to listening to the whole song for each of these prior to giving them a ranking.

Unsurprisingly I ranked a lot of the anime openings on the nominated list at 3, 4 or 5 out of 10. It was after all a list of anime that people had suggested were the worst anime opening so it really isn’t surprising that the majority of my scores fell below the half-way mark. Though, that said, a lot of the songs were tolerable even if not actually enjoyable.

K actually calculated each panel members average score and mine came in at 4.3 with a whole pile of decimal places after it.

I did however give two anime openings on this list a perfect 10. They were both anime OP’s I’ve loved forever and I was kind of surprised to see them even nominated for a worst anime opening of all time list (though given some of the discussions that were had in the chat, clearly musical taste is highly subjective).

The first was Elfen Lied. I know it isn’t exactly a boppy dance number but it perfectly fits the anime and it stands out from the crowd. Besides I love creepy horror openings and endings and Elfen Lied kind of fits that group nicely.

Wolf's Rain nominated for Worst Anime Opening? I don't think so.
This may be one of my favourite OP’s of all time.

The second was Wolf’s Rain which is an anime opening I’ve always loved. From the opening lyrics to the grey visuals and emotional tones, I think it is perfect and it really fits the anime.

That said, I won’t argue with people who don’t like these openings. I’m well aware my musical taste is a bit off to begin with and sometimes odd things catch my attention sometimes while other songs pass almost without notice.

Anyway, I want to thank K at the Movies for inviting me onto the project. I hadn’t done something like that before and I certainly didn’t realise how much of a time commitment it was going to be and I didn’t even have to find the songs or put the video together afterwards. But it was great chatting with the other panellists during the week we were listening as we all kind of scrambled to get finished.

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Summer 2017 Week 5

summer 2017

I’ve caught up on some shows, but I’m still a bit behind on others. Hopefully, I’ll be up to the most recent episode of the shows soon as I’m trying to do double episodes to catch up but you know, time is an issue some days. That said, I’ve been loving reading everyone else’s thoughts on the currently streaming shows. There’s a fair range of opinions out there. I’d love to know your thoughts on the season so far so please leave a comment below.


Must Watch

My Hero Academia (Episode 28)

While this has been a fairly slow transition as the internship kicks off, things are moving right along now with the plot and by the end of episode 28, things are quite intense. This is a stronger thrill than anything I could get out of the sports tournament because there I couldn’t actually believe they’d let a character get seriously hurt. Here, they are on the streets, and it is entirely possible they might suffer some serious injuries. Hopefully they all pull through, but this continues to be a great watch and hopefully I’ll be caught up by next week.


Usually Entertaining

Princess Principal (Episode 3)

These two episodes are great. I actually kind of think these would be better as the first two episodes because as much fun as episode 1 was, it seems like the story really started in episode 2 and episode 1 just existed to get us excited. Of the new shows I’ve picked up this season, this is probably the only one I really think is going to become a must watch (though time will tell for all of them).

Gamers (Episode 3)

I can’t help it, this show is just a bundle of fun to watch. It plays on clichés and stereotypes but so far hasn’t managed to just be insulting and lazy in its delivery. The music has remained top-notch and the characters are definitely pulling their weight. While not a must watch show (at least not yet) there’s a great deal to like about this show so far.

In Another World With My Smartphone (Episode 3)

I was hopeful this would remain pleasant rather than lazily self-aware and episodes 2 and 3 didn’t disappoint. It is cliché filled and there’s definitely some self-awareness at play, but that hasn’t stopped them from writing a rather fun filled script with characters that aren’t unique but nor are they irritating or painful to spend time with. I’m entertained so far by this and I’m hoping to continue enjoying it.

18if (Episode 3)

This is trying really hard to be dark and edgy but is kind of missing the mark. Full points for effort with the gore though in episode 2, usually dream killings just result in a thin trail of blood from the mouth or nose. Actual dismemberment in the real world was definitely something new. This works as shock entertainment but isn’t doing a lot else. Then episode 3 took a different turn with first love and tragedy. I love how the colour scheme totally changes between episodes to reflect the witch of the week. Basically, I’m entertained enough, though this isn’t exactly brilliant.


Okay, I Guess

Knight’s & Magic (Episode 3)

If this can manage one more fairly decent episode, I’ll probably move it to the usually entertaining category. I’m quite enjoying it, though I think a lot of that comes from the fact that it is a fantasy and its moving along at a reasonable pace so far. Still, it is promising and while it may not be a must watch hit, it has certainly been enjoyable so far.

Fastest Finger First (Episode 3)

Really not going to say this is a great anime or a great story. But, if you happen to like trivia and quizzes, these first three episodes have been awesome fun to watch. I’m kind of hoping the characters get some more development and maybe we’ll see an overall story develop, but even if these guys just keep entering competitions, I’ll watch this through to the end because this is was just really fun to watch.

Elegant Yokai Apartment Life (Episode 3)

There wasn’t a of improvement in the next two episodes but it didn’t get any worse either. This show is kind of bothering me because even though I really want to love it, it’s very much just mediocre to watch at this point. It isn’t actually bad, but I would be hard pressed to say there’s anything particularly good about it other than the subject matter given I tend to like anime that focus on yokai.

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu (Episode 3)

My disconnect from characters and events in this series continues but I’m not dropping it. The fight sequences are interesting enough and this could potentially get better as it goes so I’ll stick with it for now. Hopefully something resembling a motive for why anyone wants to change time will emerge later in the series.

Hell Girl: Fourth Twilight (Episode 3)

Doesn’t seem like much has changed for me in terms of viewing Hell Girl. Episode 2 didn’t do much for me and I found myself just counting down time until the end, but episode 3 was fascinating (in a watching a train wreck kind of way). So hit and miss depending on the scenario of the week I guess.

Vatican Miracle Examiner (Episode 3)

This isn’t the most amazing mystery you’ll ever see and the pacing s all over the shop as they cram far too much into these first three episodes, but there is something intriguing about the story so far and hopefully it will settle itself. Very watchable but nothing special, yet.

Clean Freak Aoyama Kun (Episode 3)

This has so far been more compelling than I expected it to be, though I’ll admit that isn’t saying much given I expected to drop it almost instantly. Still, there are some genuinely good moments in all three of these opening episodes even if there’s an unfortunate amount of fairly dull attempts at humour that miss or filler from forgettable characters. Basically, its watchable and the few good moments lift it enough that you end the episode feeling pretty okay about having watched it.


They Made This

Chronos Ruler (Episode 3)

There’s a small chance this show might redeem itself later on but at the moment that feeling that this was a story written by an overeager teenager without an editor that somehow got turned into an anime persists. The pace and tone are all over the shop and each of the characters is annoying in a whole range of ways. Basically, there are some great ideas scattered around the place and maybe the narrative will pick them all up and doing something amazing, but mostly, I won’t waste my time hoping for the impossible.

Sagrada Reset (Episode 16)

The new story started at episode 16 looks like it might finally be getting somewhere. The setting here is inherently interesting and if the characters and delivery had been a bit stronger this show could have been really fun, instead I’m still wondering exactly what the intentions of the writers were because the way this story is told is kind of painful at times even for those of us who really want to like it.


Tried and Dropped

Restaurant to Another World (Episode 1)

Centaur’s Life (Episode 1)

Convenience Store Boyfriends (Episode 1)

Saiyuki Reload Blast (Episode 1)

Battle Girl High School (Episode 1)

Hina Logic (Episode 1)

Tsuredure Children (Episode 1)

Fox Spirit Matchmaker (Episode 1)

Aho Girl (Episode 1)

The Irresponsible Galaxy Tylor (Episode 1)

Still not quite caught up but I’d love to know your favourite character of the season so far.

Thanks for reading.

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