Bungo Stray Dogs Episode 22


The first half of this episode of Bungo was great fun. Rampo was doing his thing and coming to the realisation he doesn’t have a gift and really not wanting to admit that.


Okay, I just like Rampo so the diversion from the Agency/Guild/Mafia war to have a confrontation between two ‘detectives’ through the use of a locked room mystery novel was kind of awesome and thoroughly enjoyable.

Then we move to the second part of the episode which sees Dazai and Rampo concoct a plan involving getting Atsushi back on the Moby Dick and of course things go a bit wrong with the plan except that Dazai has of course accounted for that.

It’s weird that when Rampo figures things out that he really shouldn’t be able to I find it an endearing character trait but when Dazai does it I just find him obnoxious.

Anyway, looks like next week should be interesting.

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Bungo Stray Dogs Episode 5


Atsushi is kicked out his orphanage and starving when he rescues a man from drowning. This man turns out to be from the ‘Armed Detective Agency’ and after a series of events Atsushi ends up working at the agency. Oh, and they all have really weird powers and there’s a mafia group involved.


Episode 5 remains true to form with a weird blend of over-the-top reactions from Atsushi, some dead-pan humour, visual gags and a really dark undercurrent flowing the whole way through. This episode focussed on Rampo and I found him to be the most interesting character so far. No spoilers but this episode was great. The pacing was good, the jokes didn’t detract from the story, and a nice revelation to finish. Possibly the strongest in the series so far.

Bungo Stray Dogs is available on Crunchyroll.