Akiba’s Trip Episode 4



Akiba’s Trip was never going to be my kind of anime but the first episode was entertaining, bright, there were some genuinely funny lines, and the pace kept things moving along so you never felt like you just waiting for the next bad gag to land. By episode 4 this show has definitely developed a pattern and unfortunately that means most of the energy and pace that were so appealing in episode 1 have now abandoned this show for greener pastures. Once again, Tamotsu picks up a hobby and obsesses over it, admittedly this time only for 6 minutes of the episode instead of 10. A bugged one shows up and how this (see picture below) is ever explained to the public just doesn’t make sense.


Anyway, we then have a brainstorming session, a bit of a backstory for the professor, and then we use Tamotsu’s newly introduced hobby (but of course he’s been interested in radios for a long time) to get some cryptic clue that will apparently save the day.

The issue is there’s a lot of dialogue that exists only for expositions sake and having the blonde girl interject occasionally with something entirely asinine doesn’t actually make up for the slow pace or the lack of anything interesting happening. This isn’t unwatchable, it is just failing to be interesting at this point.

Akiba’s Trip is available on Crunchyroll.

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