Inquiring Minds Want To Know 2019 #10

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Well this question kind of comes about in response to a previous one. Hopefully you enjoy it and share your thoughts on it in the comments below. And a always, if you have something to ask me you can complete the survey below or by clicking here. I’d love to hear your question.

I’ve been rewatching Yama no Susume over the weekend and then I saw the Inquiring Minds question about OTP’s… And it occurs to me, why do we always talk about romantic partners? Let’s talk about true friends! The pairs or groups that will always be there together and for each other.


So I guess there are two parts to this question. Firstly why we’re all fixated on romantic partners and shipping characters rather than friendship, and secondly looking at characters that are true friends.

Meiji Tokyo Renka Episode 2

I’m not really sure why, but maybe it is the whole fairy tale upbringing but the whole romantic falling in love and being with the one you love is kind of a standard of stories. As such, having characters fall in and out of love is kind of fascinating. That and it is always so adorable to watch. I’m just not sure I could see the same discussions about two characters becoming good friends and ‘will they – won’t they’ be friends forever debates raging. Okay, maybe as viewers we all just like speculating about a fictional character’s romantic prospects.

Run With The Wind Episode 14 Fireworks

So while I’m not sure why we are fixated on OTP’s and falling in love, I do know there are some fantastic examples of friendship that come through in anime. Recently, Run With The Wind has done an excellent job bringing ten guys together and making them feel like genuine friends over the course of its series and it has been nothing but pure joy watching them celebrate each other’s successes and supporting those who might be having a harder time.

Still, the pair that immediately came to mind when I read this question was Chito and Yuuri from Girls’ Last Tour. While I have read some posts that ship these two, I found their friendship to be an utterly believable one and one that really helped carry the anime (given these two were largely the only characters in it). Both were charming in their own way but the way their personalities bounced off the other really sold the show.

Girls' Last Tour Episode 7

You could completely believe that Yuuri would do whatever it took to defend Chito and she would work to get them out of any tight spots (even if her own lack of forward planning was what had gotten them into that spot in the first place). Where Chito would hesitate to act, Yuuri would take the plunge, leading to the pair making discoveries that might otherwise have passed them by. On the other hand you could count on Chito to keep Yuuri from diving into too much trouble and have the longer view of how they would survive and bring knowledge into the discussion. While the two might have had their share of disagreements, such as when Yuuri burnt one of Chito’s books, the two never stayed put out for long because they needed the other one.

School Live Episode 7

The other anime that immediately sprang to mind was School Live. For obvious reasons the girls had to rely on one another but I believe their friendship grew and was really genuinely portrayed throughout the anime. Yuki would not be alive without the support and love of those around her and I believe she knows that very well and each girl contributes something that is needed emotionally for their survival as well as their more practical skills.

Hopefully that kind of answers the question and I’d love to know what you all think so throw us a comment and let us all know.

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Inquiring Minds Want to Know 2019 #1

Inquiring Minds Want To Know Feature Image

The ‘Inquiring Minds’ series of posts returns in 2019 and I am really happy to say I’ve got a few questions to keep me busy but as always if you have something to ask you can send the question my way by filling in the simple survey at the end of the post or you can use this link to the inquiring minds survey.

Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai Episode 11 Sakuta

Question: What will keep you blogging in 2019?

From Irina

This one is a pretty timely question so I’m really happy to make this my first question of the new year. 

Now, the obvious answer, and also a correct answer, is the people I have met since blogging. I started the blog to talk with people about anime and I have met some amazing people through my blog and had some great conversations. That alone will keep me blogging for a very long time. But, it isn’t the only thing.

Honestly, I’m pretty sure at this point I have so much I want to do with my blog I’m still going to be working at it when I’m taking up residence in the retirement village because no matter how much I watch, or write about, there’s a million other things I’d love to do.

However, I do have a few things planned for 2019 that I am particularly looking forward to and I’ll probably come up with more than a few things I want to do (like a Natsume rewatch with whoever is up for it at some point after May).

My Hero Academia Episode 56 - Celebrations

January: Release of the second ebook compilation from 100 Word Anime and a surprise update to the blog.

February: I’m thinking of finally starting the A – Z anime challenge that Yomu has been working on during 2018. I might get this kicked off in February (or may start it in January), but I’m also wanting to do some Valentine’s themed posts (I know, what an original idea, but I feel like being sappy). After February I’ve got a bit going on with work and travel so while there will be a special announcement in the next couple of months, there isn’t going to be anything outside of normal posting happening with the blog.

June: Alright, this is where I’m going to start getting ambitious again. I am going to be trying to organise a collaboration week similar to the Natsume week a few of us participated in during 2018 (thanks Scott for organising that amazing week). I’ll get more information out about this one closer to June. On a non-blog related note, I’m going to try to start putting together a short story collection – maybe – as I finally feel like I’m in a good head space to try fiction writing again (whether time permits is another story).

July: I’ve been thinking for awhile that I want to explore some classic anime and maybe go on a hunt for the ‘classic’ anime. I’m not sure what I’ll end up doing in July but that’s kind of the plan. Certainly room for anyone who wants to join in or collaborate.

September: September is Spring in Australia so I’m going to do some posts about new beginnings and growth (mix of Top 5’s and Features). If anyone is interested in maybe doing a guest post or collaboration here I’d love to have you on board.

November: Having tried and failed to find time to do NaNoWriMo for the last two years, I’ve decided to not even try this year. But rather than giving up I am going to focus my features in November on the craft of writing stories (with some links to anime both great and terrible).

December: Back to counting down the top 5 of the year and prepping for the release of the third ebook compilation.

Bloom Into You Episode 11 Sayaka

So, lots to do and while a lot of it is tentative at best at the moment, I’m hoping that I do actually achieve at least half of this and I’d really love to know if anyone else is interested in getting involved in some of these ideas. 2019 is going to be a great year for the blog and I’m really looking forward to seeing what the rest of the community are up to.

Thanks Irina for the excellent question. Now though, I’m turning it over to my readers: What will keep you blogging in 2019?

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The Real Neat Blog Award – Nominated by Lynn Sheridan

Real Neat Blog Award

I’d like to thank Lynn Sheridan for his kind nomination. Now, I do have another one of these award nominations to respond to but I will tackle that in a separate post, probably next week. For now, I’m going to get on with this response and hopefully you will all have some fun reading my answers.

The Rules:

  1. Display the Award Logo.
  2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link to their blog.
  3. Answer the questions of the one who nominated you.
  4. Nominate 7-10 bloggers.
  5. Ask them seven questions.

The Questions:

Here’s the setup. You’ve just received a letter in the post. I know, how old fashioned. Anyhow, the letter tells you that you’ve won a massive prize. It is a rent-free house/apartment of your choice for life, but before claiming your prize you must make some choices. Remember these decisions are for life too. There are no take backs.

01. You will need three anime roommates. Who are they?

Okay, I’m definitely going to want someone who is quiet but independent and functional. Preferably someone who will cook for themselves and generally not be in the way. Choice number one is Shizuku Mizutani from My Little Monster.

Shizuku Mizutani

Second choice is going to need to be the people person. You know, the one who answers the door and deals with telemarketers in a way that doesn’t lead to the phone being strapped to the speakers and blasting the person on the other end. For the Mr Everybody I’m definitely choosing Kazehaya Shouta from Kimi ni Todoke.

Kimi ni Todoke - Kazehaya and Sawako

Lastly, I’m going to want someone in the house who will inspire me and push me to want to do more than I am. Okay, there’s probably plenty of other reasons for this choice, but I’m so taking Victor Nikiforov as roomate number 3.

Yuri on Ice Episode 5

02. You can have one anime pet. What is it?

Easy question. Nyanko-Sensei from Natsume Yuujinchou. Who wouldn’t choose him?

Nyanko Sensei

03. You can have an anime vehicle to get around with. Which one?

You know, I think I’m just going to stick with walking and public transport (I’m assuming I am in Japan and public transport is an option.

04. You will receive an anime robot to help around the house. Who is it?

I’m going to pick Chamber from Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet (that would also take care of a lot of the transport issues as well).


05. You will receive a new wardrobe. Which anime character will you dress like?

If I had to pick an anime character to dress like for forever, I’d have to go with Madame Red from Black Butler. Not practical, but that woman had some style.

Black Butler

06. For protection, you can select any anime weapon or ability. Which one?

Totally picking Kuroko Shirai’s teleportation from Index/Railgun.

07. And lastly. You can have your house/apartment in any anime world. Which one?

And yeah, I’m going with Aincrad (after the game was cleared and it isn’t trying to permanently kill its visitors). I’d love a house right next to the lake where Kirito and Asuna set up house. Beautiful.

The Nominations:

As always, there is no obligation. Thanks for being awesome.

My Hero Academia Episode 56 - Celebrations

My Questions:

  1. We’ve just made this an official award’s ceremony. What are you going to wear?
  2. What vehicle will you rock up in?
  3. And who is accompanying you?
  4. Who would you like to present you with your award?
  5. When you accept your award, who do you thank in your speech?
  6. After you have received your award you decide you want to give a message to the audience, what is it?
  7. Finally, after the ceremony is over where do you go for your after party?

And that is it for the post. Hopefully you enjoyed reading my responses and I will get on to the other post for next week sooner rather than later. Thanks again, Lynn for the nomination.

Thanks for reading
Karandi James
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BANANA FISH Canvas Board
BANANA FISH Canvas Board

This Blog Is Apparently Really Neat

Real Neat Blog Award

A huge thank you to David Allesio from Confessions of an Average Otaku. As much as I sometimes (okay often) don’t get around to responding to these blog awards, I really do appreciate being nominated. However, as always, we have some rules.


The Rules:

  1. Display the award logo.
  2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link to their blog.
  3. Answer the questions of the one who nominated you.
  4. Nominate 7-10 bloggers
  5. Ask them seven questions

The Questions:

Inquire 4

  • What’s your single, one favourite anime or author? You can only pick ONE!

Okay, I’m bad at this whole only pick one because it really depends on my mood. I love some Pratchett or Eddings though sometimes I’m in the mood for Bishop or Harding or even some V.C. Andrews. If I had to pick one, my most often re-read author would be David Eddings, though I’ve kind of moved away from his work over the last decade so probably it is just that I loved his novels as a teenager.

  • What’s your favourite cartoon made in America (non-Anime)?

Um… probably Monsters’ Inc or the Incredibles.

  • What’s your favourite place to visit?

Civilisation. When you live in a town with only a handful of shops and there’s no book store, no place to really buy DVD’s (or even socks), and there’s definitely no sushi, a visit to a town of reasonable size is greatly appreciated.

  • Is getting nominated for something like this fun or a pain in the buns?

I really like the nomination. That doesn’t mean I always get around to responding because usually unless I respond right away I lose track of who nominated me and their questions, but I do enjoy these posts.

  • Sports: Do you have a favourite or is your favourite None of the Above?

Growing up I really enjoyed dancing and netball. Now I’m more of a yoga kind of person mostly because it is fairly relaxing. That said, I’m just not that into sport.

  • Are you a morning person, a night person, or other?

Definitely morning. No doubt about it.

  • If you could write your own seventh question, what question would you write and what would the answer be?

I think that’s kind of cheating pushing the question back on me, but okay. What is the cutest thing in the world? A kitten doing that thing where they tilt their head sideways and look up at you.

My Nominees:

No obligation to participate but I just want to give a shout out to the following bloggers.


My Questions:

I’m going to have a bit of fun this time and so my questions will probably seem a bit weird. Hope you have fun with them.

  1. You just found a portal to a new world, do you enter it willingly and why?
  2. Once on the other side of the portal (whether you entered willingly or not), you find yourself face to face with the thing that most annoys you. What is it?
  3. Finding yourself face to face with the thing that most annoys you, you decide that since you aren’t in our world you can react however you want. What do you do?
  4. While you are dealing with the annoying thing, a group of travellers approach. Who or what would you like in this group (no more than five)?
  5. One of the travellers attempts to stab you in the back. Who was it and why did they decide to attack you?
  6. You are saved from being stabbed. Did you save yourself or did someone have to rescue you?
  7. You decide you want to return home. Explain how you go about getting there.

Sword Art online Alicization Episode 4

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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Nominated for the Liebster Award

Thanks for Elisabeth O’Neill for her nomination (ages ago) for this award. This is my second time responding to a nomination for this award and I want to thank everyone who has nominated me at some point.


  • Post the award in the post.
  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Answer the 11 questions they’ve written for you.
  • Nominate 11 people (give or take) and give them 11 different questions to answer (Sorry but I’m going to let this one go this time).

 The Question:

01. What started you off writing? Not necessarily blogging, but being creative in writing down your thoughts.

I’ve always loved writing. Mostly fiction. This is the first year I’ve really focussed on writing reviews or anything other than fiction so it has been an interesting transition. What started this? I’ve just always loved words and written words are awesome. As they are described in ‘The Dark Crystal’ writing is ‘words that stay’ and that is something that I think is amazing.

02. Which anime is the most special to you? Doesn’t have to be a favourite, just one that has the most meaning for you.

Genuinely no idea on this one. It really depends on my mood and what is relevant in my life at any given moment as to which anime I would answer this with. Right now it would probably be My Little Monster because of the moment when Shizuku faces a question she can’t answer and for the first time she just tosses it aside. That fits some of my current real life situation where I have a few things I need to let go of because I’m just going around in circles and getting nowhere. But, next week it will probably be something else.

03. What are you most looking forward to right now?

For my blog, I’m looking forward to making it to May 2017 (1 year). Although I am also looking forward to catching up with a few people over the holiday period.

04. You can keep any fictional animal as a pet, as fantastical or normal as you’d like. Which would you choose?

I want a shoulder dragon. That’s all. Just a dragon that can sit snugly on my shoulder (like a small cat) and can blow fire at anyone who annoys me. I’d be a very, very happy person if I could have that.

05. Poof! Sparkle sparkle. You are now a magical girl (or boy, if that’s your preference) with a maximum of three powers at your disposal. What would they be?

impenetrable shield, ability to rewrite reality at will, and an endless supply of chocolate. Okay that third one was trite but after the first two I didn’t really need any other power.

06. You’re heading off on an adventure. Name your fictional weapon of choice.

Soul from Soul Eater. Someone to talk to and a weapon. Of course Hyourinmaru (Hitsugaya’s weapon from Bleach) would be an excellent second choice.

07. What’s the silliest thing that makes you laugh?

Horror. I have a really warped sense of humour and I find most horror movies hilarious which is why I enjoy them so much.

08. If you could be best friends with any fictional character, who would it be?

Right now, Shizuku Mizutani. But again, this answer will probably change next week.

09. Is there something you wish you could fix?

I’d really like to have either 20 or 30 hours in a day rather than 24. It would be so much easier to divide up tasks it we had a round number of hours in a day. And a ten day week. 7 is really not a good number when trying to figure out when things should happen. While we’re at it, let’s just make the year either 300 or 400 days and I know someone is going to tell me that will mess up the sesaons but most of us aren’t farming these days and as long as the calendar clearly indicates when the next season change will occur I don’t think it is going to cause too much of a problem.

10. Here are two lists of four nefarious anime characters, one for male characters, one for female. For your own personal harem, you can choose either:

  • Light Yagami from Death Note
  • Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z
  • Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass – assuming he’d already used his Geass on me and I was now immune.
  • and Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter


  • Queen Beryl from Sailor Moon
  • Yuno Gasai from Future Diary
  • Ragyo Kiryuin from Kill la Kill
  • and Caster from Fate/stay night

11. Now, for each character in the list you selected above, who would you:

a) date: Light

b) marry: Lelouch

c) ignore: Hisoka (haven’t watched Hunter x Hunter completely yet – or much at all)

d) throw off a cliff: Vegeta

As I said at the start, I’m not nominating anyone at this time because I’ve responded before and I’m pretty sure most people I’d be about to nominate have already been nominated. Still, I quite enjoy thinking through the questions.