Black Cat Series Review: This is A Hot Mess of A Show

Train Heartnet is an assassin for Chronos. More importantly, he's one of the numbers, meaning just mentioning the Black Cat kind of scares all sorts of people silly. However, his latest mission leads him to meet Saya and through meeting her he is changed. Soon Train joins up with Sven, a reasonably down on his luck Sweeper (bounty hunter of sorts), and Eve, who is some sort of weapon, and they begin working together while dealing with a whole lot of conspiracies and other world changing events.

Sagrada Reset Episode 21: Decisions and Consequences

Review: There's a real sense of tension in this episode and it is a feeling that has been lacking from the majority of the season. Suddenly it feels very real that Kei might lose because for once resetting is not going to solve the problem and the witch has run out of tricks to help … Continue reading Sagrada Reset Episode 21: Decisions and Consequences

Sagrada Reset Episodes 15 + 16: Why is there no restore power?

Review Episode 15: I'm going to get this out of my system first: Why didn't Misora tell Kei what she learned in the dream world? He reset it out of existence and because he didn't know about it, it's gone except for Soma's malicious comment at the end. She may not have trying for malice, … Continue reading Sagrada Reset Episodes 15 + 16: Why is there no restore power?

My Hero Academia Episodes 27 + 28: Time For a Power Up

Review Episode 27: No surprise that most of this episode focusses on Midoriya's meeting with Gran Torino and learning a little bit more about his power. The other kids get a look in as we see the start of their internships and they realise reality is quite different from their dreams. That said, I have … Continue reading My Hero Academia Episodes 27 + 28: Time For a Power Up

Sagrada Reset Episode 12

Review: I'm kind of lost again with the timeline on this story. I think we jumped forward again after the resurrection/recovery of Sumire but I'm not entirely sure. That aside, she's alive and giving cryptic messages and answers to people seemingly for the sake of them not explaining things. That really drives me crazy about … Continue reading Sagrada Reset Episode 12

KADO Episode 4

Review: While this show has previously moved at a snail's pace (though this has been needed given how much information we've had to take in), episode 4 seems to have finally planted its foot on the accelerator. Part of that came from the absence of zaShunina for the large majority of the episode as we … Continue reading KADO Episode 4

Sagrada Reset Episode 2

Review: This is a really odd show. It isn't good. That much is fairly clear at this point. A good three quarters of this episode is spent watching various characters talk at other characters (they can't really be said to be talking to other characters). We also have emotional extortion in the form of threats … Continue reading Sagrada Reset Episode 2

Friday’s Feature – On Anime Ending Badly

We've all watched anime series that have been amazing until that final episode. We've all cringed as the show has suddenly veered off a cliff and sent the characters and plot flying in all directions. I've often heard it asked by casual anime viewers why do so many anime end really badly? I don't actually have … Continue reading Friday’s Feature – On Anime Ending Badly

The Morose Mononokean Episode 7

Review: This episode brings back the girl Ashiya met at the temple and introduces a fox yokai that at first seems more annoying than anything else. I really enjoyed watching this episode as all the way through it there was a growing sense of unease. Shame the episode doesn't resolve but it does leave off … Continue reading The Morose Mononokean Episode 7

Hitorinoshita Episode 6

Review: I've probably said it every week, but Soran is a moron. Other than the initial fight against the zombies he hasn't won a single conflict and yet he still carries on like he's all powerful. And when he finally unleashes his 'full power' this episode it still isn't enough and he has to get … Continue reading Hitorinoshita Episode 6