Anniversary Special – Friday’s Feature: Blogging Goals

I kind of feel like you always need to be working towards something. It gives you drive and a sense of purpose and when I’m left without something to aim for I kind of feel adrift or like I’m fighting against the tide. I kind of talked about that a little in my post where I reflected on avoiding stagnation and just resting at one place.

At the one year anniversary, I set myself 5 goals so that seems like a good number to try again for this year.


Number 1: Continue to have fun. This is a must. An absolute priority. I feel the writing and the sense of community I have been trying to create here at 100 Word Anime will all just kind of fall apart if I’m not enjoying doing what I do.


Number 2: Continue to work on improving content. Write posts I am happy with and think about the content I am producing. This is more or less an ongoing goal for the blog and will hopefully always be a priority, but I really do think I need to work on this over the next twelve months.


Number 3: Increase the average number of daily views by about 25%. So I’m kind of looking at an average of 250 daily views and I would love to increase that to 312 (let’s round it to 310) by the next anniversary. It seems like a doable kind of goal given the previous rate of growth and it gives me a target to aim for.


Number 4: Reach the $100 a month goal on Patreon and remove advertising from my blog. I feel this is an achievable goal. With over 2000 followers, if even 5% of them committed to $1 a month (which is only $12 a year) I would hit this target. I am working toward this goal by trying to increase the content patrons get access to.


Number 5: Work to increase the average number of comments per post. At the moment I think I’m at 10 comments per post. I think I’d like to see that increase to 15 by the end of the next year. Mostly because I love talking to people about anime and I love to know what they thought of an episode or a show. What they loved, what they hated, whether they agree or disagree with my thoughts. I’d really like to see this kind of engagement increase.


So those are my main goals for the third year of the blog. I’d love to know what you would like to see on the blog over the next year and what you like about the blog, or what you would like to see improved. Feel free to leave a comment below or send me a message via the contact as I’d really appreciate your feedback.

Stay tuned for the final posts of the anniversary celebration as we have Arthifis, Aldael and then the wrap up still to come. Catch all the anniversary posts here.

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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Anniversary Special – What Did I Learn This Year?

Hey everyone, and thanks for joining me as I celebrate 100 Word Anime’s second anniversary. This has been a fantastic week and I’m really happy with how things have gone. Hopefully we will all still be around to celebrate again next year when the blog turns three.


However, this post is about looking back at what has happened over the last 12 months and considering some lessons that have been learned in that time. The first 12 months it was very much about learning just how to keep to a schedule and fitting my blog in with my life. This second 12 months has more or less been about learning that no matter how much I learn, there’s still a huge amount I don’t know.

Some things I learned that have been helpful:

  • I finally learned how to actually add HTML codes to the widgets on the sidebar of the blog – yes, I am not that technically minded.
  • I also learned how to make pages that list previous posts in particular categories (thanks Irina – I think – for pointing us to that).
  • How to add audio to posts but I still haven’t learned not to hate the sound of my own voice so I’m working on that one.
  • I did learn to use one video editor and then my computer died so am learning how to use a new program but I guess that counts as learning.
  • I learned that I hate trying to write anything using my phone so if I don’t have my computer or a laptop I’m not writing a post but I can read some blogs and comment.
  • I learned that I can no longer open every single new post in my reader because that actually takes me around two hours to read through so now I have to be more selective.
  • There were also some specific things I learned about formatting an ebook.

Still, what I think I’ll take away from the second year of blogging is that this is definitely something I love to do. The hours I put into it always feel worthwhile and the people I have met through my blog have been amazing.

So this year I’m not going to give advice on any specific thing but a few things that work for me in terms of keeping the blog going:

  • Have a routine time each day that you use for your blog. Whether that is reading other blogs, drafting, editing, or replying to comments, find a time that will work. For me, the set time is in the morning from whenever I wake up until my alarm goes off which usually gives me about an hour (sometimes two or three depending on my current sleep pattern) to just work on the blog. In the evening after work, depending on how tired I am, I will usually also spend time on the blog, but I don’t feel bad if I don’t do this because I know I have a set time where I will check in on the blog.
  • Trying new things. It is scary but the internet is an ever changing place and no matter how much I like what I’ve done with my blog, there’s always something that could be improved. But while making small changes and trying a few new things is fine, there still needs to be some general consistency or people won’t recognise your blog anymore. Think about what changes are needed and when to bring those in.
  • I know I’ve said this before, but have an opinion (and it doesn’t need to be the same as everyone else nor does it need to be different just to be contrary). The best conversations get going when people are honest about what they think about a show and they are open to discussing their reasons and to hearing a different point of view.

I wonder what I’ll learn in the next twelve months of blogging?


What I really think is important for me to take away from this year, is that regardless of whether the blog is a hobby or becomes more full time, the drive behind it is that I love writing the content, I love interacting with the community, and I continue to love anime. Regardless of how busy or tired I get, logging on and seeing my blog and picking up a draft, or watching an episode and figuring out how I felt about it, sharing a comment with someone else about it, all of these things make me smile and make me realise that starting this blog was one of the best things I ever did and I will never regret it.

A huge thank you to everyone in the ani-blogging community for all your support and I hope to see you all still around for the next anniversary.

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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Tuesday’s Top 5: Anniversary Special – Top 5 of Everything on the Blog

Welcome to the second year anniversary top 5 special. Last year I did my top 5 favourite posts that I enjoyed writing. This year I’m being a little more technical and I’m sharing my top 5 posts in each main category that I write. So top 5 episode reviews, top 5 series reviews, top 5 features, and top 5 top 5 lists. This is based purely on views of the posts over the last 12 months.

I’d love to know which posts you enjoyed reading so please leave me a comment with your favourites or even suggestions about what you would like to see.

Please Note – There are no spoilers this week.

Top 5 Episode Reviews

Number 5: My Hero Academia – Episode 25


Seriously, Bakugo vs Todoroki. This episode was fantastic and given how hyped up I already was about My Hero Academia because the tournament arc had defied all my expectations and been brilliant, this post was great fun to write and I’m glad people seemed to enjoy reading it.

Number 4: Grimoire of Zero Episode 1

I get it, who doesn’t want to check out the thoughts on a very hyped up new season. Episode 1 reviews definitely get more hits than the rest of the season as so many people are trying to figure out what to watch. That said, I wasn’t overly impressed with this episode and it kind of shows in the review.

Number 3: Akashic Records of a Bastard Magical Instructor Episode 2

Right, so I hated episode 1 of this and fully expected to drop it at episode 2, and then the episode was kind of decent. Unfortunately for me, this was the high light of the whole season. Talk about peaking early.

Number 2: March Comes in Like a Lion Episode 19


As much as I love this series, I have no idea why this episode review has more views than any of the others. It wasn’t an overly significant episode and the review itself is pretty ordinary. Still, this is the second most highly viewed episode review I’ve written in the last 12 months.

Number 1: Sword Oratoria Episode 1

This is one of those episode reviews that I’d like to rewrite. I state clearly that I have no intention of dropping the anime despite the issues in episode 1. Yet only a few weeks later, this show did indeed get dropped. So, my most viewed episode review is kind of awkward.

Top 5 Series Reviews

Number 5: Madoka Magica


I’m not overly surprised this one made the top 5. It is a well discussed anime at this point and it is one I love. I had a lot of fun writing this review and while I’m still not entirely happy with how it turned out, I’m pretty proud of it.

Number 4: Devilman Crybaby


The only thing surprising by this is how recent it is. For newer reviews it is harder to be here because they’ve had less chance to be found and read. Yet Devilman Crybaby made a splash in the community and this review definitely gained exposure from that. Shame I didn’t much like the anime.

Number 3: My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

I’m surprised by how popular this review was, but pleased. I loved this anime and I really enjoyed writing this review. I will eventually get to reviewing the second season I swear.

Number 2: Noragami Aragoto


Another review I’m thrilled was so well received given my absolute love for this series. I had so much fun rewatching and reviewing this series and really, any excuse for images of Yato on the blog. By the way, if you still haven’t watched Noragami, definitely add it to your watch list.

Number 1: Sword Art Online Abridged


It’s a little concerning that my number 1 read review in the last 12 months is of a parody series available on YouTube. Not that it wasn’t great fun to watch and review, but still…

Top 5 Features

Number 5: Are There No New Ideas?

This post looked at whether or not something needed to be shiny and new to be good or whether just telling a story in a meaningful and interesting way was enough. Heavy spoiler warning for Your Lie In April on this post though.

Number 4: On The Man Devouring Woman in Darling in the Franxx


I have to thank a few people who linked to this article for why it had so many views so quickly. I’ll also need to do a follow up post closer to the end of the series of Darling in the Franxx as some of my thoughts have definitely changed since writing this post. Still, I enjoyed looking at the role of women in myths and looking at where Zero Two might have gone and might still go as a character.

Number 3: Strong Female Character?

Again, a relatively recent post but apparently this resonated with quite a few people and the discussion it generated as well as some of the comments were fantastic to read – possibly better than the post. This is probably a topic I’m going to revisit at some point, though I equally want to look at some of the male tropes in anime.

Number 2: Why Believing In Yourself as a Blogger is Easy to Say But Hard To Do

Black Star

Again, this post resonated with readers and I’m glad. Those who have followed me a long time probably already know that in reality I’m a horrendously insecure and socially anxious person so putting myself out there as a blogger is hard. Starting the blog and hitting publish for the first time was terrifying. And that anxiety of whether or not my work is good enough never really goes away, though I will admit the fun of talking with others about anime is definitely winning out over fear that I’ll write something stupid these days.

Number 1: A True Champion Can Adapt To Anything But No Mess With the Source Material


Hot on the heels of the live action Death Note movie, this feature looked at how fans respond to adaptations of things they love. It was kind of topical at the time and so received a lot of views but again, it is the discussion it generated that was the real winner. Some of the comments on this one are great to read.

Top 5 Top 5’s

Number 5: Excuses for Not Writing A Blog Post

This one really struck a chord with the community as we’ve all been in that place where we should be writing a post and we just don’t do it.

Number 4: Anime Vampires


As a topic near and dear to my heart, this list was great fun to put together. I will have to do an update list in a year or two when hopefully there are some new faces to add.

Number 3: Anime That Make Me Cry

Why do we love things that make us cry? I don’t have an answer for that but everyone sure had an anime or two that they loved because of the tears.

Number 2: Anime by Studio J.C. Staff


I’m not sure why this particular list was so popular. Maybe more people like this studio than I expected? Either way, it was fun revisiting some of these titles on the list. I will get to some of the studios I haven’t covered yet in future lists.

Number 1: Anime I’d Like to See Rebooted


Turns out a lot of fans have an anime or two they’d like to see done again but with just a couple of key changes. This list really got a conversation going and I’m certain that we’ve all come up with a few more anime we’d like to see on this list.

That brings me to the end of this special Tuesday’s Top 5. As always, I’d love to know your thoughts on the list so please leave me a comment below.

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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Welcome to the Anniversary Week: 100 Word Anime Turns 2


Okay it is early but that’s because I’m likely not going to near my computer next week and I really want to celebrate with everyone. So we’re just going to pretend the anniversary is this week and party like I’ve made it two years blogging.


I would like to kick things off with a huge thank-you to my followers. Without you, I know this blog would never have gotten off the ground and I wouldn’t have made it past the first year. I was fortunate in that I hit 2000 followers just last month which meant I hit one of my goals for my second year blogging. Dare I set my sights on 3000 by the end of the third year? I particularly want to thank those who have offered their contributions for this week as they’ve taken time out of their busy schedules to share some advice with the anime community.

Contributions to this anniversary come from:

thank you.gif

And I also need to give a huge thank-you to those who have chosen to become patrons. With your support I’m hoping to keep growing this blog and making it bigger and better. I’m half way to the first target of $50 a month and once I hit that I am going to commit to video content for patrons periodically (though not overly frequently at that stage). I really do appreciate the support that my patrons have given me, their advice and feedback, as well as their willingness to help me achieve the dream of making this blog more a full time thing rather than an all consuming hobby. A thousand times thank you.

And if you are wondering what is in the future for 100 Word Anime be sure to check out my feature on Friday where I’ll outline some general goals for the next 12 months.

Pork Cutlet.gif

Okay, we’re up to some basic facts about 100 Word Anime, which due to scheduling reasons are taken from the 21st of April, so aren’t as up to date as I would like. For my second year, I’ve managed to keep up a daily post schedule and even my overseas trip last year for work didn’t stop that, though I did run the 30 Day Challenge during that period to ensure that there were posts scheduled for days when I couldn’t log on. Hopefully this will continue again for the third year as I feel consistency has been a big part of the blog’s success so far.


While I haven’t reached all of the targets I set last year, I have continued to grow my blog and the community I interact with and I’ve had a lot of fun doing it. There are some really amazing people out there and it has been an absolute pleasure sharing thoughts on seasonal anime, discussing completed series and just throwing around ideas about anime. Over the last two years the average number of comments per post and likes per post have continued to rise, as have the number of words per post (I put that down to more full series and book reviews as well as slightly longer features, rather than just over shooting my 100 word target on every single episode review). A friend suggested, mostly in jest, that I’ll have to change the name of the blog to 1000 Word Anime, but I’m kind of hoping it doesn’t come to that. Particularly with episode reviews, I know people don’t have a lot of time and for a twenty minute episode it seems brevity is more appropriate.

Site Stats.JPG

Reflecting on the last 12 months is something I really do appreciate about the anniversary. It gives me a chance to really consider what I’ve done and what I failed to do, and what I’d like to do. I had five goals and I think I’ve done reasonably well.

Goal 1: Was to produce some sort of video content. Technically yes, but definitely no. I was almost there and finally comfortable using a particular editing program when my computer died and my new computer was not compatible with the program. So as of January this year I was back to the drawing board of learning something new all over again. That said, I produced a trial introduction video and got some great feedback and am in the process of reviewing and recreating that. The bottom line is that I don’t want to just put out video content for the sake of it. If I’m going to do video content, I want to work on it to make it worthwhile. Unfortunately, that takes time and while I made some progress on this goal, I’m definitely not there yet.

Goal 2: Was to hit 10,000 views in a single month. Again, I missed this target but January came so very, very close. That said, April was looking pretty good a week ago, so we’ll see what happens when we reach the end of this month.


Goal 3: Was to continue to post daily. Check.

Goal 4: Was to find more ways to engage the community in conversation and to interact with my followers more. I think I’ve achieved this. I’m trying to be more active on Twitter and joining in the conversation there, which is easier some weeks than others. I’ve collaborated with a few different bloggers over the past 12 months. I also introduced my inquiring minds segment and have had a lot of fun answering reader questions. And I finally joined OWLS and will hopefully be involved in one of their blog tours soon. Still, this is something that I think will remain an ongoing goal for my blog.

Goal 5: Was to have a lot of fun with anime and with the blog. To this I can only say, “Absolutely.” I honestly don’t think it would be possible to watch as much anime as I do and write as many posts each week if I wasn’t having an absolute blast doing it. This is something I genuinely love and wish to keep doing for a very long time.


This year I also launched a compilation ebook, ‘Thoughts on Anime 2017‘ that put together my series reviews and some of my features and top 5’s from 2017. I felt that was a worthwhile project, not so much because it sold very well, but because it gave me an excellent change to reflect on a year’s worth of content and what I’d like to change or work on. Thanks very much to the people who did buy a copy to help support the blog. I do plan on putting out a 2018 version in January as again, even if it doesn’t sell very many copies, it is a nice record of what I’ve been doing on the blog.

To people who have been with me since the beginning, thanks again for coming on this journey with me. For people who are newer to my blog, I hope you’ve enjoyed joining in the ongoing discussion about anime. Make sure you check in during the week as there will be more anniversary posts coming out all week. All of the posts will be added to the anniversary category, so be sure to check it out at the end of the week in case you missed anything. Hope you have a great week and I looked forward to blogging for a third year and discussing anime with the community.

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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In Case You Missed It

Not really much of an introduction this week. There continue to be some great posts around and here are some of my favourites from the week. As always, feel free to add a link in the comments below if you want to give a shout out to someone.

D Gray7

Galvanic has a great list of 5 Adorably Positive Anime Couples and this was an absolute blast to read. If you didn’t catch the list last week, you should go check it out.

Rodrovich’s Anime Blog has an excellent post about episode 4 of March Comes in Like a Lion. The post takes a very specific look at some of the visual aspects that really helped drive home the emotional point of the episode. Great post to read (great episode to watch, go check it out).

Beneath the Tangles looks at the issue of bullying within March Comes in Like a Lion episode 26 and gives it a more personal reflection. I love that this episode got so many conversations going and made so many people consider their own lives and choices. It is really fantastic when a show (and a single episode) can do that.

Standing On My Neck has an interesting post asking ‘What Differentiates a Good Unlikable Character From A Bad One?‘. It is a great read with some interesting examples to back up opinions and it is an interesting topic to think about unlikable characters who work and those that don’t. If you missed this post it is well worth having a look.

The Backloggers takes a look at episodes 3 and 4 of Just Because and how the show seems to know when and how to say something and when to leave it unsaid. This post really does explain why the show works even though not a lot seems to be happening. If you haven’t checked out Just Because yet this post might convince you it is worth a go.

Cain S Latrani visits Noragami and given I love this anime I absolutely love it when people write about it so I had to share this one. If you haven’t seen it, check out this post and then go watch the anime.

The Bug Blog has an interesting analysis of Juni Taisen applying Survivor logic to determine who the winner will be. It is kind of fun to read even if you’ve drawn your own conclusion from watching the show. Then again, we might all be wrong yet and that’s kind of what makes it fun to guess and speculate.

For a little bit of random, Remy Fool has a great guide on how to Ohoho (or laugh like certain female anime characters). It’s a great read and filled with many illustrative examples from anime of characters who have demonstrated this particular technique. So, while I don’t think I’ll be trying this out any time soon, it was a great read.

A Piece of Anime has a review on episode 5 of Land of the Lustrous that focuses on Phos as a character. I have been genuinely charmed by this show and it is interesting seeing how other people are taking to these anthropomorphized gem stones and their strange story as it slowly unfolds. A great post to check out, though some episode spoilers.

Pick of the Week

The Xenodude has a review of the first season of March Comes in Like a Lion (3-Gatsu no Lion). I loved reading this as it kind of captured what I love about the show and it is great to see how other people have connected with these characters. If you still haven’t seen season 1, this is a great review to have a read of and then, if you can, the series is well worth trying.

Thanks for reading.

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Karandi James.


In Case You Missed It

There are certain aspects of reality that sometimes I feel I could really do without.

However, another fun week in the viewing and reviewing of anime world and there have been some really excellent posts around recently to read. Below are a collection of posts that caught my eye over the last week and as always feel free to add a link in the comments below if you want to give a shout out to a post I’ve missed. This week is very light on, and that is probably because in addition to being incredibly buy with work I also got sick which meant even when I found a great post I regularly forgot to save the link.


Okay this one isn’t new, but for those who missed it Irina over at I Drink and Watch Anime is working to promote new aniblogs to try to welcome new bloggers into the community. So if your blog is less than 2 months old and has less than 50 followers, check out the link and contact Irina.

Jake Coker has a list of the top 5 servants in anime. When you see number one there won’t be much doubt as to why I liked this list, but the whole list is pretty great with some good explanations as to why characters have ended up on it.

The Only Shinyuu Site shares their thoughts on Black Clover episodes 4 + 5. It is fairly rare to find someone genuinely enjoying the show and not just making fun of Asta so this review kind of stood out to me and reminded me that I actually am liking the show more each week even if it isn’t brilliant at this point. A good reminder that one or two elements don’t spoil the entir story.

Also on Black Clover, Fueled By Smiling has a post on Asta and his Voice and discusses the why of Asta’s voice. I’m going to admit, I still hate Asta’s voice and wish I could put him on mute and just read the subs, but episode 5 actually had him speak a few times without shrieking and I very nearly forgot just how annoying his yell could be (then he started shouting again and I remembered). Still, this post puts forward a good case for the motive behind that voice.

Keiko’s Anime Blog has a review of Sakurada Reset. There aren’t many reviews of this whole series around given how many people stopped watching it and most people who finished it seem to have much the same view. My own thoughts on the series are here.  Still, if you are undecided about whether to give it a go check out this review.

Pick of the Week

Remy Fool has a great post this week on the obsession with originality looking at the usual complaints people make about series being generic or ripoffs. The post looks at some of the criticisms of Anime-Gataris and then reasons why the audience might not be taking it as intended before moving onto other genres that routinely get criticised for shows being copies of one another. It was a great read and well worth checking out.

Thanks for reading.

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Karandi James.


In Case You Missed It

Welcome to the first week of the Autumn Anime season and the last season for the year. Wow, it has been a busy 2017 but hopefully we will end with a bang. Looking forward to what everyone ends up picking up for this season as well as final thoughts on the season that was. In the meantime, here are some posts that caught my eye this week.

Just a reminder that polling for the best and worst anime of the Summer 2017 season is on so if you’d like to vote, jump on over. The polls close today so this is the last chance to vote.


Biblionyan has an excellent post on Elegant Yokai Apartment Life fairly appropriately titled Zero to WTF in Half a Season. Given last week was the point where I finally had enough and dropped it as well (after being crushed by the fact that it wasn’t just ending), I really appreciated this post.

Lethargic Ramblings shares a listless list of their top shows from the Summer season. If you aren’t a seasonal viewers and are wondering what is worth picking up from the season, posts like this might get you started and Lethargic is always entertaining to read. There’s also a worst shows post but I forgot to copy the link. Sorry.

HCMovieReviews has a write up on the Netflix Death Note movie. This one is a pretty even review pointing out both positives nad negatives before delivering a final score. Well worth checking out if you want to avoid some of the more rant-like reviews of this and get an overall idea of what you would be getting if you watched the movie. Mind you, the score is a 4/10 so definitely some issues identified.

Peach’s Almanac has a look at world building and Made in Abyss. It is a nicely detailed look at the world building of the anime and it kind of just made me actually want to see the anime more. A great read if you are looking for a post on Made in Abyss that isn’t a review.

Remy Fool has a great review of Princess Principal to check out now that it is finished. If you didn’t watch the show this season, this is a good read to help you decide whether you should give it a go (though, I’d probably say you should give Princess Principal a try regardless).

Earth Dimension CJ-93 has a list of 5 anime they think would make a better Hollywood adaptation than Your Name. It is an interesting idea, thinking about which shows could easily be adapted without losing the cultural elements that some shows are built on. Plus, I really liked some of the choices because I actually think they would make a really good movie.

Atelier Emily has a a really informative and sweet post about the use of flowers in Card Captor Sakura‘s recent most recent OVA. This sort of analysis is really great and can definitely add something to your overall viewing experience so really worth checking out.

Arria Cross on Fujinsei has her round up of posts from the 13th Blog Carnival. This is a great way to find some new blogs and connect with other bloggers so if you’ve never checked out one of Arria’s carnivals, be sure to check in with the round up from the last one and look for when the next one will start.

Zero Drama Anime analyses what is meant by the term ‘hero’ in My Hero Academia and the transition from ideal to career. Also some great references to The Incredibles thrown in. This is a great piece to read if you’ve been following My Hero Academia.

Pick of the Week

Kyra Desu Yo has their 65th Oname Wa post and this time it is Bakugou Katsuki. Now if you have never read one of these posts they’ve very helpful linked to all their previous posts here (the link is also included in Bakugou’s post). Basically, if you are interested in the characters, their names, or in learning anything about kanji, these posts are a real delight to read. Entertaining and educational. Very hard combination to beat.

Thanks for reading.

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Karandi James.


In Case You Missed It

As we approach the end of the Summer season, it is great to see that a lot of people are enjoying the last of these shows even as they start looking toward the Autumn anime season where we will start all over again. As usual, I have found some really great posts this week and I’ve shared some of my favourite below. Feel free to add a link or give a shout out to any other excellent anime related posts for the week.


I Drink and Watch Anime has an article where they look into the history of what a yokai actually is and where the word came from. Given most people who watch anime come across this word and have a general understanding of its meaning, it is kind of nice to learn more about it and this post was highly informative.

Mechanical Anime Reviews gave us a nice review of Your Lie in April. This one isn’t just pure gush about how beautiful it is but manages to balance many of the positives with the negatives so a bit different from a lot of the review out there. It also manages to raise some questions about abuse in the process so an interesting read even for people who have watched the anime.

Weeaboo LaLaLand has a post which is fairly aptly titled Death Note wasn’t the worst Adaptation I’ve Seen. While there is still plenty of criticism in the post for the movie, this post also looks at some of the positives that can be found. A fairly enjoyable read really.

The Backloggers have a review of Princess Principal episode 8. This is a nice piece that looks specifically at the characters and how the reveal in the episode can make the audience think about them and why. Basically if you’ve been enjoying the show this is a fun review to check out.

Cain S Latrani shares An Alchemist’s Rage, which reflects on Roy Mustang’s anger and his revenge for the death of Maes Hughes. This is a short post but for alchemist fans is a scene well worth remembering.

A Winter’s Reverie has a fairly positive review of Saga of Tanya the Evil. While this one didn’t do much for me and I couldn’t really get into it, Tanya received quite a bit of praise while it was airing as well. For those still deciding whether to give it a go, this review might give you the push you need.

Anime Corps has an editorial on anime this week looking at it being foreign and unusual. This post goes through the usual stereotypes people pin on anime and looks at why they aren’t necessarily true. Anyway, worth checking out if you missed it.

Carl Li on Apartment 507 has a post about Why It’s Easy to Love Deku from My Hero Academia. For those of us already watching the show, this is a fun reminiscence about what makes Midoriya such a great character. For people who haven’t checked out My Hero Academia yet, maybe this will sell you on the central character.

Pick of the Week

Shokamoka’s Blog of Wonders gave us an excellent post focussed on Gamers, I am a Gamer and Therefore I Watch Gamers. It is a somewhat lengthy post but it focusses on all the things that Gamers has done well including its representation of gamer culture (which is something some people will dispute but really, the majority of people playing games are not pro-level number ones, they play for fun). Definitely worth reading.

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In Case You Missed It

Another week and another round up of anime related blog posts. The real world is still kicking me while I’m down (read: too much work to do, not enough time for anime) and I think I’ve got at least one more week of hectic running around before things settle. Hopefully after that things kind of return to a more normal level of crazy busy. As always, feel free to add a link to a post you’d like to give a shout out to in the comments.


This one is a little self promotional but In Case You Missed It, Raistlin was the winner of the Facebook competition I ran awhile ago where the prize was a post on a topic of the winner’s choice. Rasitlin asked for a post on the post apocalyptic genre and last week published their prize. I’m really glad they liked the prize and I think at some point I’d like to try doing another similar competition given I did get some quite positive responses from participants.

If you want a laugh, Arria over on Fujinsei has you covered with their confessions of an anime blogger post. Very relatable and hilarious.

I Drink and Watch Anime has a list of their top 10.5 Anime Ending themes. There’s some great anime and great songs on this list so if you missed it you should check it out.

The Only Shinyuu Site has an interesting list this week giving us five reasons why we should go to a Japanese Internet Cafe in case of a zombie apocalypse. I’ll admit, I hadn’t considered that option in all the discussions I’ve had about what to do in case of a zombie outbreak. Though, small problem in getting to Japan first.

Just a Whole Lot of Weird gave us a post explaining why Endeavor Fails as a Symbol of Peace. It’s an interesting look at the notion of branding in the My Hero Academia universe and quite an interesting read.

D Talks Anime has their review of Gakkougurashi or School Live. Given it was their episode reviews of this show that made me go watch it, D really has a lot of positive to high light about this series, but also points out a few of the missteps. It is a nice review and worth checking out if you are considering trying the series (though they assume you too have already heard the first episode twist – so spoilers if you haven’t).

Seasonal Prattle has another sound bit of advice for blog writers and discusses cheap content this week and some mistakes people might make thinking more content is better. I love how Prattle manages to make me reflect on my blog every single week and always makes me feel like I have so incredibly far to go, and yet does it in a way that provides solutions and concrete things that could help.

Jon Spencer Reviews looks at the importance of tone specifically comparing Death Parade with Little Busters. There are some spoilers for both of the series in the post, but it is a good read and gets you thinking about how tone is used in shows.

Kawaii Paper Panders has a great list of supernatural anime if you are looking for something featuring gods or yokai that still makes you feel really happy while watching. Well worth checking out this list if you’ve been wanting to try a supernatural anime but aren’t sure where to start.

Pick of the Week

I Drink and Watch Anime reviewed Psycho Pass this last week, but they also published a post called The Tragedy of Shusei Kagari and this piced was a fantastic read. While there have been a lot of posts about Psycho Pass and the characters, mostly these focus on Akane or Kougami and Makishima. Occasionally one of the other characters is put in the spot light but I think this is the first time I’ve read a post entirely on Kagari and his importance as a character and the tragedy of his death. Really loved reading this post and definitely recommend checking it out if you missed it.

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In Case You Missed It

Alright, so last week saw me attempt to expand onto Facebook and I’ll keep working on that one. Meanwhile I have a work related situation that I’m attempting to get on top of so that it doesn’t interfere with blogging (wow, work interfering with blogging instead of the other way around). Still, I may end up missing a day or two on the blog if stuff happens that needs an immediate response but hopefully that doesn’t happen.

That said, it has been another excellent week in the aniblogging community and below are some of the great posts I came across. As always, you are welcome to leave a link to an anime (game or movie) related post in the comments below if you would like to give it a shout out.


Mechanical Anime Reviews explains why they think Welcome ot the Ballroom isn’t that great. I still can’t watch the show (thanks Amazon) but I will admit there was a lot of hype about that one going into the season and during the first couple of episodes and then it went strangely quiet save a few episode reviews. I’m still wanting to see this series at some point, but this post might answer a few questions as to what has been going on.

Remy Fool has a fantastic editorial Expectations, Anime and You. If you missed this post you really should go and have a read as it is incredibly thought provoking as to how we experience anime.

Yuri Reviews has an informative and interesting review about Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A’s. Worth checking out if you are curious at all about the show as it discusses most aspects of the show.

Railgun75 discusses the Netflix and Amazon issue in regards to streaming anime. Unlike a lot of posts on this issue, this isn’t a rant or a tirade, but merely a discussion so quite a pleasant read. There’s also a follow up post so be sure to give it a read.

Floating into Bliss has a great discussion about how anime original content can be a good thing providing some interesting examples about adaptations that have worked very well. Worth having a look at so if you missed this post go check it out.

KurumiShim is awakening our nostalgia with this fairly awesome list of magical girl anime. So many very cute titles on this list and it kind of made me want to go and watch some of the older titles again as its been a while since I’ve just watched a straight magical girl story that doesn’t include darker or subversive elements.

I Drink and Watch Anime just discovered Natsume’s Book of Friends. As one of my all time favourite shows it was fantastic to read about season one from someone who is just getting into the story for the first time. And this is actually a really well written discussion about the show and its characters and themes so well worth reading if you still haven’t tried Natsume. And now of course I want to go and binge watch the entire series again.

From Lethargic Ramblings we have a listless list of 5 ways to boost your anime blog. It is always great when bloggers share their thoughts on what works for them and ways to improve.

Ryuji Tatsuya’s Anime Review looks at Some Anime Clichés in the Musical Genre. It’s a fun list and description of all the things you would expect to see going into one of these shows and well worth the read.

Pick of the Week

Floating Into Bliss had a really interesting post this week about Princess Principal and discussing the idea of Yuribait and the problematic way people view same sex relationships in anime. While the focus here is definitely on Yuri, it definitely reminded me of the are they/aren’t they arguments regarding Victor and Yuri with some people insisting they weren’t romantically involved because of the lack of sex essentially. Anyway, it is a topic worth discussing and this is an excellent post to kick off that discussion.

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