Rare Case When Naive Heroism Doesn’t Win The Day

The Price of Smiles Post Title Image

The Price of Smiles Episode 4 Review: Coincidences may be stacking up and a few parts of this story are stretching plausibility, but that doesn't change that they are doing a beautiful job of crushing Yuuki's core personality and that is making it all the better.

ACCA Series Review – A Unique Way of Planning A Coup


ACCA tells the story of Jean Otus, an inspector who travels the 13 districts of the Kingdom of Dowa, who is about to get drawn into a whole lot of political intrigue. With rumours of a coup gathering momentum, what will Jean do? Probably smoke a cigarette. Be sure to read the full review.

KADO Episode 5


Review: After the UN made their declaration in the previous episode I was ready for Japan to either capitulate or defy and I was ready for the inevitable war to get rolling along or for zaShunina to do something really crazy but this show once again surprised me in the best possible way. While a … Continue reading KADO Episode 5

KADO Episode 4


Review: While this show has previously moved at a snail's pace (though this has been needed given how much information we've had to take in), episode 4 seems to have finally planted its foot on the accelerator. Part of that came from the absence of zaShunina for the large majority of the episode as we … Continue reading KADO Episode 4

Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 50


Review: This ends exactly as you would expect though I will give them points for one or two surprises (such as Ride's future which I didn't see coming). Still, any potential character growth for Mikazuki ends rather abruptly mid-episode much as it should given what they were up against. However, the general tone of the … Continue reading Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 50

ACCA Episode 12 – Terrific


ACCA Episode 12 Review: While I suspect not all will be thrilled with the way this resolved, for me it was the perfect way to end this story. At all times, things have been pretty laid back and resolved without much in the way of violence, and for the coup to end the way it … Continue reading ACCA Episode 12 – Terrific

ACCA Episode 11


ACCA Episode 11 Review: ACCA has been a great watch and while part of me wondered if the final episodes could deliver after the last of the mysteries seemed revealed, ACCA episode 11 answers the question with a resounding 'yes'. Everything about this episode worked and continues to tie the plot together while continuing to … Continue reading ACCA Episode 11

ACCA Episode 10


ACCA Episode 10 Review: There's no doubt ACCA has been an amazing watch so far and even this episode works very well and continuing the narrative and driving us ever closer to a climax that is definitely taking shape now. However... The writing in ACCA Episode 10 has to be questioned. Now that Jean knows … Continue reading ACCA Episode 10

ACCA Episode 9


ACCA Episode 9

ACCA Episode 7


ACCA Episode 7 Review: If you haven't watched ACCA Episode 7, spoilers ahead. This show is a joy to watch. After weeks of holding off on giving us anything solid this week seems all about having characters just dropping major reveals casually like it is nothing into their everyday conversations. We don't learn everything, and … Continue reading ACCA Episode 7