Special Crime Investigation Unit – Special 7 Episode 2 Review

The second episode of Special 7 is on more solid footing than episode 1 was. It is still fairly unspectacular as it introduces the rookie to the rest of the team and goes about solving a case that seems more to exist for the sake of introductions than anything else, but it is fun enough.


Special Crime Investigation Unit – Special 7 Episode 1

They apparently really like using the word special in their title and also being ambiguous for the sake of it. Honestly, this first episode is not great but the genre works for me so Special 7 is going on my watch list even if it doesn't end up being particularly good.

Top 5 Anime About Police

Tuesday's Top 5

Watching Cop Craft this season got me thinking. I love police procedural stories and I love buddy cop action movies with a bit of comedy and yet I don't come across these kinds of stories in anime very often. Whether it is Bones, Castle, NCIS, Lethal Weapon or any of the myriad of TV shows … Continue reading Top 5 Anime About Police

elDLIVE Episode 10

Review: For a show that supposedly has only 12 episodes they really aren't making any effort to bring this season to any kind of climax. We get another kind of throw-away investigation of the week episode with some bare minimum character development propped against it in episode 10. And also a random introduction to yet … Continue reading elDLIVE Episode 10

Interviews with Monster Girls Episode 7

Review: There were some good moments and some information about how society is adjusting to demis in this episode. Sprinkled in amongst some incredibly lame or dull moments. Is it really necessary for Hikari to be unable to provide a simple description of a person? Is it actually necessary for Sakie to deliver this self-aware … Continue reading Interviews with Monster Girls Episode 7

Die Hard Movie Review

Oh look, another non-anime review. Actually, this was holiday viewing because it is about the only movie everyone in my family agreed on that had a Christmas theme so here we go. Overview: John McClane has been invited to a Christmas party at the company his wife works at. While there, a group of armed … Continue reading Die Hard Movie Review

Trickster Episode 9

Review: So, Trickster, is that really the hand you want to play? Okay, 90% of this episode is boring, predictable, or boringly predictable. We get the conclusion to the whole brother in the compound and it is incredibly anticlimactic and you could almost write every line of dialogue if you just run a sieve through … Continue reading Trickster Episode 9

Trickster Episode 8

Review: Trickster returns to focussing on Hanasaki and his woe is me my brother left me back story. Okay, I don't like his character and I don't feel sorry for him. Plus the brother is seriously delusional if he thinks that you can just declare your own country and then shoot at a police helicopter … Continue reading Trickster Episode 8