Travel Update – Japan

Just an update on what I've been doing in Japan.

Snapshot of The Holiday

Okay, definitely not an anime related post, but I have just gotten back from a trip so for those interested here are some photos from my journey to Hawaii. I know, it is very odd that someone who hates the ocean would travel to an island known for its beaches, but I didn't go for … Continue reading Snapshot of The Holiday

Momokuri Episodes 13 + 14

Review: So Momotsuki is sick and his friends decide the best person to look after him is Kurihara which leads to the expected and standard girl looking after boy in room with embarrassed blushes sequences. What I did like was how they used this episode to show Kurihara is growing as a person. Momotsuki's sleeping … Continue reading Momokuri Episodes 13 + 14

Momokuri Episodes 5 + 6

Review: I'm not sure why they continue to claim these as two episodes when we really have gone into a more cohesive storyline (or rather the events just kind of flow into one another rather than shifting from one situation to the next). This remains really cute even as it follows what should be a … Continue reading Momokuri Episodes 5 + 6