This Week Witness Happy Sparkles From Pet Ownership

My Roommate is a Cat Post Title

My Roommate is a Cat Episode 5 Subaru gets some advice from Nana and then we get a touching reunion. This show just keeps being adorable and relaxing to watch and really Haru is trying to secure an early lead in the cutest pet or mascot of the year.


Tuesday’s Top 5: Anime Mascot Characters and Pets of 2018

Tuesday's Top 5

This week we are counting down 2018's top 5 anime mascot characters. Mascots can be cute, they can be annoying, they can steal the whole show, but which ones have made my list this year? Be sure to leave me a comment sharing your favourite mascot characters from 2018.

30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 18

Day 18 and it is my favourite animal sidekick, pet or summoning. I'm glad that all the options are available because otherwise this would be hard. Still, I'm going with the obvious choice and that is Nyanko Sensei from Natsume Yuujinchou. I'm sorry, he's adorable in cat form, sarcastic at times and injects some much … Continue reading 30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 18