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My Roommate is a Cat Post Title

My Roommate is a Cat Episode 8 Review

I’ve been really enjoying getting to know Subaru and seeing him soften a little from his original stand-offish character while still remaining essentially true to himself. He still dislikes noise in his house and people who won’t leave him alone but he’s also come to appreciate those who look out for him. It is a nice progression of his character and one that has been enjoyable to be along for. Episode 8 of My Roommate is a Cat continues this development by taking a bit of a look at how young Subaru grew into the author he is today.

My Roommate is a Cat Episode 8 Subaru and Haru

Though, I’ll point out making someone choose between saving a cat or a book from landing in water is just cruel. At the same time, I assume my cat is smart enough that if she doesn’t want to land in the water to jump to the shore so I’d probably save the book. That and my cat likes playing in water when it is really hot (which is a good five months of the year) so she probably wouldn’t mind that much. Winter would be a different story.

My Roommate is a Cat Episode 8

As usual the episode flips between Subaru’s perspective and Haru’s with Haru’s part being quite adorable this week as we see the stand-offish affection a cat holds for their human. Haru perfectly embodies this and while her mannerisms may not be identical, most cat owners should see a bit of their feline in her antics.

My Roommate is a Cat Episode 8 Haru

All and all, this one remains a pleasant viewing experience and I’m finding myself enjoying it more and more each week. I would like to see Subaru get a little bit more of a push to deal with others but I’ve honestly loved seeing him grow so far throughout this series.

My Roommate is a Cat Episode 9 Review

It is time for Subaru’s book signing and as expected when it comes to actually doing it he suddenly realises just how far out of his comfort zone he’s decided to step. On that note though, Haru, left at home, is freaking out because her human started acting strange (was dressing in a suit) and then left for a day (usually never goes out).

My Roommate is a Cat Episode 9 Haru

Unusually, the story starts from Haru’s perspective before we see Subaru at the book signing before returning home, where we flip again back to Haru’s perspective. It works well though in framing the story and Haru’s tirade and mass destruction of tissues and books is again something as a cat owner I recognise. My cat tends to take out photos and ornaments when I leave her alone too long, though she usually waits until I return, makes sure I can see her, and then deliberately knocks them flying off a shelf (okay, my cat has a mean streak when ignored).

My Roommate is a Cat Episode 9 Haru

Despite enjoying Haru’s moments which are cute and touching as we see her fretting about being left alone, Subaru facing his readers at the signing is the stronger part of the episode. From panicking over signing crooked to worrying he didn’t thank his first readers, to reaching out to them, we see him really pushing himself personally.

My Roommate is a Cat Episode 9 Subaru

I was expecting it, but Oukami’s appearance and realisation that Subaru is actually the author her brother likes is pretty adorable and yet another good character moment for Subaru as he tries to convey his feelings in words. While his shouting thank-you after her is a little over the top, the scene is otherwise really nicely conveyed.

My Roommate is a Cat Episode 9 Subaru

All and all, another fun episode with Haru and Subaru and while they aren’t together for a lot of this episode, that allows them both to grow as characters.

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This Week Witness Happy Sparkles From Pet Ownership

My Roommate is a Cat Post Title

My Roommate is a Cat Episode 5 Review

Is it possible that Haru could end up being a cuter pet than Mii-Kun from How To Keep a Mummy last year? I wouldn’t have thought so and yet this episode full of sparkles and adorableness may just push My Roommate is a Cat into a close second in terms of anime I end up liking not because of any kind of plot but just because they hit that special spot of adorableness that makes me just tilt my head and go ‘aww’.

My Roommate is a Cat Episode 5 Subaru

This week we see Nana, the girl from the pet shop, drop by to try to give Subaru some advice on how to not overfeed Haru. Any new pet owner can sympathise with Haru being fairly clueless and a little panicky, though why he hadn’t just looked up the right portion sizes when he has clearly enjoyed ordering items and the like online is still a little bit of a mystery. Still, this sequence leads to some adorable play time with Haru that is fun both the first time from Subaru’s point of view and second time through with Haru’s thoughts.

My Roommate is a Cat Episode 5 Haru

But the super adorable moments just keep coming with Subaru running with Haru to return Nana’s house key. The moment Haru comes face to face with Hachi is just spot on (by the way, love the naming sense in this show with Nana owning Roku and Hachi – it’s terrible and yet brilliant). And then there’s the moment when Subaru calls Haru and for once Haru goes to him, prompted by Hachi given Haru does not mean food.

My Roommate is a Cat Epiosde 5 Haru and Subaru

Warm sparkles and sweet moments aside, this is just a fun episode. Subaru is making an effort to be nice to Nana and while he is incredibly awkward, there’s a genuine adorableness about him. Nana is just a bundle of sweet and while there are some shipping Nana with Subaru I’m feeling more of an older sister type with her. And Subaru could really do with one. But as always, the star of the show and the one who stole my heart again and made me want to hug my own kitty is Haru. Watch the anime for Haru alone, the rest is just kind of window-dressing.

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Tuesday’s Top 5: Anime Mascot Characters and Pets of 2018

Tuesday's Top 5

Previously I hadn’t done a yearly post for mascot characters and the closest I’ve got is my favourite mascot and pet character top 5 list written back in 2016. However, that isn’t really fair to some of the adorable mascot characters out there and 2018 had some great mascot characters.

So, my criteria is that the character is more cute than annoying and is important enough to the plot of their story that removing them would actually hurt the narrative. They also need to feature heavily in fan art and merchandise. That means main characters are actually able to also be mascot characters. I know that other people will define it a bit differently and that’s fine, but that’s what I’m working off for my choices. And if you want to know why I lump pets in here as well it is because with some characters it is difficult to tell if they are a mascot, a pet, or both.

Without any further delays, let’s count down my top 5 anime mascot characters and pets of 2018 and then I’d love to know which characters caught your eye this year.

Honourable Mentions:

This time I’m giving honourable mentions to Sir Balgary from Record of Grancrest War (great potential character but too limited in appearance) and Navi from 100 Sleeping Princes (too annoying and fairly useless).

Number 5: Romero from Zombieland Saga

In case you are wondering, I do appreciate that I am choosing a character from a show I dropped. That said, the name alone is enough here to warrant a mention. In a story about zombies giving a shout out to a legend of the horror movie genre was an A+ move and one I definitely appreciated in the first episode of this series. However, I don’t have a lot more to say other than zombie dog with a taste for squid because honestly I didn’t hang around long enough with this series to really get into the character (so breaking my own criteria before we even really get into the list).

Zombieland Saga Episode 1 - Tatsumi

Number 4: Kero from Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card

Kero, or Cerberus, is the guardian of the Clow Cards (though apparently not that good at his job) and he’s been with Sakura since the beginning of her journey. He continues to play as her stuffed toy in Clear Card, coming under increasing scrutiny from her brother, still insatiable when it comes to sweets, and still just not quite as useful as it seems he should be when it seems like he’s needed but other-times surprisingly useful. That said, Kero remains an amusing member of the cast and one who is needed in a lot of scenes or Sakura would end up talking to herself a lot and that is not a good sign.

Number 3: Rimuru From That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

While it has taken this show a fair while to grow on me, there’s no denying that the titular slime is an iconic character of the season and the year. Not to mention I would love to get my hands on a Rimuru plush because that would be just this side of adorable. With his internal monologue critiquing the world and reacting far more exuberantly than his exterior slime self, Rimuru has been a pleasant enough protagonist but his most valuable trait is that he just looks so cute (and when was the last time you saw a cute slime).

Number 2: Mii-Kun from How To Keep A Mummy

You have no idea how hard it was not to give this adorable let bundle of bandages take out the first place. Seriously if someone had floated the idea of ‘cute mummy’ prior to my seeing this series I would have asked them what planet they were from. And yet, How To Keep A Mummy gave us the single most adorable mascot character ever and it didn’t matter what Mii-Kun did, he was cute. I’d love pretty much anything Mii-Kun themed and honestly this character deserves to be in some kind of cuteness hall of fame.

Below my number one choice I’ve shared a tweet from the amazing Mel that actually combines my number 1 and 2 choices together. This absolutely made my day. 

Number 1: The Platelets from Cells At Work

Honestly, I don’t think it could have been any other group of characters. The platelets are cute and every scene they are in makes you tilt your head and go ‘aww’, even as they serve a vital function both in the ‘body’ and in the anime. Still, any platelet scene was just precious and clearly the writers knew that spacing them out beautifully so that you never had too much but got a continuous drip feed of adorableness. Given how easy this one is to cosplay and how cute people look in the costume, I’m expecting that we’ll be seeing platelets for a fair while to come. 

Right, so that is my list and now I’m turning it over to you: who are your top mascot characters and pets from 2018.

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30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 18


Day 18 and it is my favourite animal sidekick, pet or summoning. I’m glad that all the options are available because otherwise this would be hard. Still, I’m going with the obvious choice and that is Nyanko Sensei from Natsume Yuujinchou.

I’m sorry, he’s adorable in cat form, sarcastic at times and injects some much needed cattiness into the otherwise sweet show, a powerful ally, and just a great character. He gets some of the best moments but also knows when to fade into the background (or just go and drink sake at narratively convenient moments).

One of my favourite souvenirs that I picked up when I went to Japan was a Nyanko Sensei phone strap so his sly gaze is watching me all the time from my phone and I often wonder just what he is up to. Forget favourite sidekick, pet or summoning, Nyanko is just a great character who happens to mostly look like a fat cat.

Who is your pick?

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