Fuuka Episode 3


Before I get into my episode review I am going to admit that I didn’t watch the entirety of this episode. The fourteen minute mark features yet another anime near drowning and I stopped watching. Going back I skipped forward a few minutes when the characters were back at the beach house. Given it is unlikely that there will be any future drowning incidents in this show, I’m sticking with it for now.


The first nine minutes of this episode actually did a very good job of making me like Yuu Huruna and seeing him as an actual person (which is something the previous two episodes failed to do). Part of this is because I could totally relate to not being good at dealing with people and really not being able to stand the  kind that ask you to endlessly repeat things louder or casually slap you on the back.


So, that really helped this show work to win me over. Then of course, he get’s a pep talk from Fuuka and suddenly trying hard can help you overcome your inner anxiety and social issues in an instant so there goes any chance of this show actually intending to take the personalities of the characters seriously. We then have the cheap plot contrivance of nearly drowning a character (which I would have had issues with regardless) that only serves to force Fuuka and Yuu’s relationship to a point where it might actually matter that she later sees him with his childhood friend now idol. I’m not dropping this show, but honestly, the clich√© laden opening with the characters running into each other was definitely a sign that the writers of this have learned about human interactions from watching other anime and not from reality.

On the bright side, other than a couple of close-ups of Fuuka’s bikini the amount of fan service in the episode was way down on episodes 1 and 2.

Fuuka is available on Crunchyroll.

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