Irina is Being Lazy

Hi Guys, I'm just going to have a little chat with you today. Not talking about anime at all. So feel free to skip it if you're only here for that sweet anime content.


Blogging Habits and Losing Momentum

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Earlier this week Irina posed an excellent question in her post when she asked whether blogging breaks work? It was an excellent post, in case you missed it, and one that got quite a few people talking. When Irina first brought this post to my attention, I absolutely loved it because it was something I'd … Continue reading Blogging Habits and Losing Momentum

Tag Time: Why I Still Love Anime

I have to thank Raistlin for tagging me in this. I've really enjoyed seeing the responses other bloggers have written for it, and then Raistlin's response made me really happy with what I've achieved as a blogger. I think this tag is highlighting something a lot of us already know and that is that the … Continue reading Tag Time: Why I Still Love Anime