Can you make a small contribution toward the blog and become a blog sponsor today?

Become a blog sponsor this September

We are now half-way through the month of September and the second, and final, blog drive for 2021. I want to thank the blog sponsors who have already jumped on-board this month and we are sitting just under half-way to the target. Can you make a small contribution toward the blog and become a blog sponsor today?

Become a Blog Sponsor During The September Sponsorship Drive

September Blog Sponsor Drive

The September 2021 Blog Drive is going well so far with a number of return sponsors. As always, thanks to everyone who supports the blog.

Dear Readers, Will You Become a Blog Sponsor and Support 100WordAnime’s Growth This Year?

September Blog Sponsor Drive

April 2021 saw the first 100 Word Anime blog sponsorship drive. Now in September I'm setting a new target and asking my readers to consider supporting the blog.

Are You Able to Support 100 Word Anime? Will You Become a Blog Sponsor?

September Blog Sponsor Drive

This September I turn to my readers once again and ask it they will support 100 Word Anime during 2021. Whether you want to become a blog sponsor by sponsoring a post, sponsoring review coverage of an upcoming anime series, or offer a small contribution to the blog, your help in keeping the blog going is appreciated. For those who have found the past few years particularly trying and aren't able to offer support, please help spread the word. Share this post.

A Huge Thank-You To April’s Blog Sponsors

Blog sponsorship and donation

In April I ran the first blog sponsor drive with a goal of raising $200 toward keeping the blog going. As we move into September and the second sponsor drive, I want to thank those who helped me reach the first target.

April Sponsorship Drive Wrap-Up and Thanks

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A huge thank-you to everyone who offered their support of the blog and to those who helped get the word out.