The Ancient Magus’ Bride Part 3



I mentioned in my review of part 2 of this 3 part whatever it is (prequel maybe to the upcoming series) but this is a really stupid way to release something. The first part came out September last year and while I do believe I have a great memory, even I’m going to forget things over that span of time. So I started this part and then had to promptly stop the video and go watch the end of part 2 again because I couldn’t remember what had happened there.


Anyway, my comments from parts 1 and 2 remain. This is beautiful to watch and Chise’s story is adorable. It is a pretty standard story with the orphan girl who can see unusual things so is an outcast seeking refuge in the library and getting caught up in things, and the delivery is very slow and deliberate, but there’s so much respect being paid to the characters and the world that every minute of watching is a joy.


Really, this was a nice taste tester as I hadn’t heard of this before and there is the series about to start next season (which hopefully I’ll be able to watch) but that’s about all it has been. As fun and adorable as watching it has been, it is like we just got a tiny glimpse of a much larger world and story. By itself, it does tell a story, and it is an emotional one, but it really doesn’t feel like enough on its own. Still, worth checking out particularly if you are interested in the series.

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Karandi James.