Another Anime Series Review – The Horror, The Blood, The Shock, That Ending?

Another Series Review

The Another anime is one of my very favourite horror anime. Admittedly, it doesn't have a huge amount of competition, but still, this is one slow paced creepy viewing experience that is worth the effort. Be sure to read the full review.

Fairy Gone Series Review


It is probably telling that I didn't finish reviewing this anime episodically letting the last few episodes finish before many weeks later I finally watched them. Needless to say I didn't feel I'd missed out by leaving it so long and writing this review just highlights to me how much wasted potential there really was in Fairy Gone.

Fairy Gone Review Episodes 7 + 8


Interest Falling... Falling... Gone Fairy Gone Episode 7 The boredom continues and this gets one more episode to actually do anything that gets my attention because to be honest Fairy Gone episode 7 near made me nod off to sleep. Characters talking a lot is fine. Plenty of anime I’ve thoroughly enjoyed have been talk … Continue reading Fairy Gone Review Episodes 7 + 8

Fairy Gone Review Episode 6


Fewer Things Worse Than Being Dull I’m struggling thinking of things to say about this week’s episode of Fairy Gone. Where previous episodes have left me a little curious about the premise and a little disappointed in the execution, episode 6 managed to hit that really terrible point in watching where I had to honestly … Continue reading Fairy Gone Review Episode 6

Fairy Gone Review Episodes 3 + 4


Why have one coincidence when you can have 5? Episode 3 In episode 3, Fairy Gone seems to focus on the black fairy tome. After giving us a few scenes tying up loose ends from their last mission, Free and Marlya meet a Vice-Minister who explains what the fairy tomes are and why people are … Continue reading Fairy Gone Review Episodes 3 + 4

Fairy Gone Review Episodes 1 + 2


Messy beginning but potentially intriguing premise. Episode 1 Well, having read many first impressions and early episode reviews of Fairy Gone I’d definitely revised my expectations downwards and that kind of paid off. While I can see why the first episode at least hasn’t exactly wowed viewers, I actually found it worked well enough. Sure, … Continue reading Fairy Gone Review Episodes 1 + 2

Top 5: Anime Studios

Tuesday's Top 5

While I've counted down favourite anime from particularly studios before, I have never just done a list of my top 5 anime studios. That's probably because as much as there are some studios that consistently produce enjoyable anime, they all miss the mark at some point, so it isn't as though I watch everything by any particular studio. Still, there are certainly some studios that I'm more likely to give a go to their work than others even if it doesn't seem like it will be something I'll end up loving.

Tuesday’s Top 5: Anime from P.A. Works

Tuesday's Top 5

While P.A. Works doesn't excite me as much as BONES when looking for anime to watch, I have to admit, over the years P.A. Works have definitely been responsible for some of my favourite anime - and some that I'm not so fond of. Today I'm listing my favourite 5. No real criteria other than … Continue reading Tuesday’s Top 5: Anime from P.A. Works