Autumn 2018 Week 7

autumn2018 week 1

Week 7 of the Autumn 2018 anime season is finished and there have been some great developments in some anime this week. Join me as I look back on what happened in each episode this week and be sure to let me know what you've been watching and what you loved.

Autumn 2018 Week 6


As we hit the midseason, I'm just going to say we've been absolutely spoiled for choice this season and I'm kind of loving everything, even some of the shows I know aren't so great are really entertaining me at the moment. Still, my standouts at this point in the season are Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai, Bloom Into You, and Banana Fish.

Autumn 2018 Week 5


There's a few anime I'm behind on at this point because of travel and the like but I will hopefully catch up next week. That said, it was a great week for anime and I had a lot of fun with so many of the shows. This week I started thinking about villains and realised … Continue reading Autumn 2018 Week 5

Autumn 2018 Week 4


You may notice my list thinned a bit this week. While I haven't completely dropped Space Battleship Tiramisu, I'm probably going to let it go a few weeks and then catch up on three or four episodes in a row and so on, so I won't keep it on my weekly update list. I've also … Continue reading Autumn 2018 Week 4

Autumn 2018 Week 3

autumn2018 week 1

Hello week 3 and I know I should have actually made a firm decision about my watch list but I have three titles to choose between for the last slot in my review schedule and to be honest I can't figure out if I want to drop them or not. I'm torn between Zombieland Saga, … Continue reading Autumn 2018 Week 3

Autumn 2018 Week 2


This season is definitely a bit odd as some shows that initially didn't interest me have really picked up their game and other shows that grabbed me instantly feel like they are dropping the ball a little. Despite that, there's a lot out there to watch this season and it has been fun trying to … Continue reading Autumn 2018 Week 2

Autumn 2018 Week 1


Here we are at the end of the first 'official' week of the Autumn season. Okay, official only in so far as I declared it to be so. It looks like Bloom Into You will become the show reviewed for patrons only this season so future reviews of that will be password protected. My watch … Continue reading Autumn 2018 Week 1

Autumn 2018 Week 0

autumn2018 week 1

And the new anime season is starting! It is a time of great excitement because everything has so much potential and there's so much to try. Admittedly, we still have a lot of shows to air their first episodes so this is really just a run down of what has been tried so far but … Continue reading Autumn 2018 Week 0

Summer 2018 Week 12

summer week 6

The final week coverage of summer 2018, and yes I know that some shows haven't finished and that I haven't yet done final episode reviews of Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi or My Hero Academia, but the season is all but done now. Some shows ended on a high note, some less so, but as always Summer … Continue reading Summer 2018 Week 12

Summer 2018 Week 10

summer week 10

This week we have Demon Lords resurrecting, armies on the march, Titans rising once again, and the return of Hououin Kyouma; what is not to love about week 10? It is like someone reminded these shows they are either hitting their mid-season point or the end of their run and suddenly they are all bringing … Continue reading Summer 2018 Week 10