Deep Insanity: The Lost Child Episode 1 – Proof That Promotional Videos Aren’t Always Helpful In Deciding What To Watch

Deep Insanity Episode 1 Review

If you watched the Promotional Video for Deep Insanity: The Lost Child you could be forgiven for thinking that the first episode is something completely different. While the promotional video is kind of minimalist and builds up a sense of mystery and wonder around this giant hole and the base built around it, the first episode of the anime kind of… well…

Deep Insanity Episode 1

It isn’t a lost cause but Deep Insanity: The Lost Child is going to have an uphill battle.

This first episode does almost everything possible to make viewers who watched the promotional video hate it. Instead of building up to a reveal, the episode starts with us dumped straight into the action with a group of armed soldiers finding a fallen comrade who promptly turns into a hideous monster (hideous both because it is an ugly monster and also because of the visuals here) and kills one of them in a shower of blood as a severed head goes flying.

Subtle it is not.

Deep Insanity Episode 1

You could kind of overlook this less than thrilling opening act by Deep Insanity, despite their clear efforts to start with some kind of a bang, except that we then transition into a basic look at a world being struck by an illness (very reminiscent of the current pandemic situation) before being subjected to a really cheesy advertising campaign trying to recruit people.

We also follow two characters walking down the street (who in true anime form are wearing outfits that make them clearly stand out and shout: “I am an important character!”) having a conversation that is both exposition and thinly veiled commentary on a number of issues. We don’t know who these two are, there’s little in the scene that makes us care, and realistically this is a hard dump into a world that potentially could have been fascinating if we’d been introduced to it in a totally different manner.

Deep Insanity Episode 1

Deep Insanity then shifts us again and we see a character being interviewed for recruitment. He’s your average, brown haired anime protagonist who doubles down on the image by being completely naive in his interview stating he wants to become a hero.

Sigh… Eye-roll.

We all get the trope of the young idealist entering into a military organisation with the dream of saving something or someone and learning the reality of war or the conflict or the darker side of human nature or whatever. We’ve seen this a lot.

Here though they spend almost no effort as they introduce Daniel Kai Shigure clearly expecting our understanding of this type of character to fill in the gaps and maybe this could have been a nice audience ‘in’ as he got some kind of explanation about what is happening or what is going on.

Deep Insanity Episode 1

Instead, Daniel has a prank pulled on him and faints so misses any kind of orientation. The XO in his unit is the long haired guy we met earlier giving us commentary and he starts to explain some incredibly vague rules that don’t really explain anything but also uses the throw away lines of ‘it’s better to experience it yourself’ and ‘I’ll tell you if you don’t get killed’.

I hate both of these things. There’s no good reason to leave a character who you depend on for your own survival in the dark. There’s no reason why any organisation would send someone without any actual training or knowledge of what they were doing into a place so incredibly dangerous. Its a contrived way to stretch out the lack of information the audience has and it doesn’t add to the mystery, it just makes it all seem kind of dumb.

Deep Insanity Episode 1

I kind of want the story I felt was being promised by the promotional trailer but instead I’ll have to settle for whatever this ends up being. It isn’t as though the intriguing elements present in the PV for Deep Insanity aren’t actually present.

There are some real mysteries here.

I’m also curious about the virus and I don’t mind the parallel to the current world climate. Depending on how the story unfolds and how they explore the idea of a virus spreading through the population it could be quite interesting and topical.

Or it could end up being completely tone deaf and just be trying to capitalise on current affairs without anything really to contribute to the greater conversation.

I’ll be an optimist at episode 1 and hope it ends up being the former and not the latter.

Deep Insanity Episode 1

Deep Insanity is an episode that probably would have been better to go into without any expectations of what the anime would be. A lot of the reason this fell flat was because I had imagined a very different story and a very different approach to telling that story.

However, even without those false expectations the monsters in Deep Insanity are truly hideous, almost on the Arifureta level of terrible, and so far not one character has really left an impression.

I only remember Daniel’s name because he introduced himself twice. Otherwise we’ve got weird kid with mismatched eyes and a confetti gun, cute mascot girl who apparently supports from the base, silent girl who shoots things, leader girl who probably doesn’t like the way things are going in the organisation, and long haired XO who exists to fill in the silence and provide non-answers to questions.

Deep Insanity Episode 1

While I was really looking forward to Deep Insanity and kept anxiously checking to see if it was coming out on a service I used and in my region, I’m now much less keen on it.

Now this first episode wasn’t terrible enough to make me drop the show, I’ll definitely expect less.

You can read the full review here.

Images from: Deep Insanity: The Lost Child. Dir. S. Oonuma. Silver Link. 2021

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You May Have Seen This Before in Anime, But Is It Entertaining?

Entertaining Feature

Another isekai’d character, another clueless highschool couple, or maybe another superpowered teen… is there anything new to watch?

Here we go with another new season of anime. A new season full of possibilities and as yet undiscovered gems as well as the potential for disaster. It’s exciting hitting play on the latest first episode release and waiting to find out what is in store for you as a viewer though for some people it all becomes a case of “I’ve seen this before”.

For those that watch and review a lot of seasonal anime they’ll definitely noticing that as they scroll through the new season titles in MAL that there’s often a wondering about whether there’s anything new to be seen.

I mean, we have our sequels (My Hero Academia, Fruits Basket, Moriarty the Patriot, How Not To Summon a DemonLord, Megalo Box, Zombieland Saga etc) as well as a spin-off from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (and why are we getting a spin-off and not the continuation of season 2 which we’ll get next season?).

There’s another anime about traditional Japanese music and a jaded teen (feeling a little deja-vu with Koto no Oto though that probably isn’t fair given I haven’t tried it yet).

There’s the cute girl doing something cute with a motorcycle, a stupid comedy set in highschool that just looks mean spirited, a sports anime focused on rhythmic gymnastics (how far left field are we going to go for sports that haven’t yet been exhausted), as well as some basic action, romance and isekai stories. If I were going to overly generalise I could just sigh and say this season is offering much the same as any other.

Fruits S3 E1 10
Yet, for those waiting for these sequels I don’t think they’ll be disappointed.

To be honest, I’m pretty excited about this season. While I am only going to be episodically watching 6 anime, I have quite a long list of anime that I’ll be trying at least the first three episodes of to determine whether they are to be watched or dropped.

Why am I so excited about another season of anime?

Because every anime has the potential to surprise. Whether it tells a story I’ve seen before or completely catches me off-guard with a plot-twist (not always a good thing), every anime has the ability to be a new favourite story that I’ll happily buy on DVD or Blu-Ray and add to my physical collection to pull out when I just need something that makes me feel happy. Not every anime will succeed and a lot will end up being forgotten soon after they air, but just because it is a story I’m familiar with doesn’t mean it won’t offer something new or that they won’t be entertaining even if they don’t.

There is the theory that there are only seven basic story plots out there and that with another twisting and turning you can make pretty much every story fit one of them (or some combination of them). While some theories have eight plots or even twelve, the basic notion from people who spend a lot of time studying narrative structures is that basically every story ultimately fits a pattern regardless of the dressing on it. What makes one hero’s journey stand out from another isn’t the plot but how that plot is presented and the characters that are undertaking the journey.

Which is absolutely true when we look at anime.

Do cute girls make up for the sense that I've seen this before?
Cute girl – all is forgiven.

The six anime I am reviewing episodically this spring are:

I might have ‘seen this before’ but is this an interesting take on it?

Of those, three are sequels. Fruits Basket is a reboot of an old anime based on a manga that I skim read online when the original anime didn’t finish the story just so I had some closure. Going into this final season of the anime is a dream come true in finally seeing the story finished in anime form and this anime has done an exceptional job.

However, stories about cursed families, teens feeling lost and having to form connections, stories using a zodiac motif, none of these things are new. Fruits Basket knows exactly how to tug the right emotional heart strings and how to blend drama and comedy and usually get the mix right but calling it original would be quite the stretch.

Fruits S3 E1 7
Though Hanajima remains the best girl.

Even the character archetypes we see within the story are all characters we’ve seen before. Honda the overly optimistic protagonist who heals everyone with niceness. Kyo, the angry rebel who actually is just a hurt boy with a sweet heart. And so on through the cast. What makes Fruits Basket special is the way all these elements come together rather than because any particular part is ‘new’.


Of the non-sequels Mars Red is based on a play, I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years is based on a light novel, and Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song is an original anime. I’m very curious about how Mars Red will play out as an anime. The first episode was dramatic and as Irina put it in our review, quite theatrical. But how does that work for a whole season of anime? And if it does work, it will be quite a different kind of anime to what I normally watch, but it still won’t actually be ‘new’ so much as just a bit different for this medium.

Mars Red Episode 1 4
I’m curious as to where this will go.

Slime 300 is exactly what you would expect in that the first episode offered nothing new. It doesn’t really stop it being enjoyable because it is quite the fun and relaxing watch, possibly more so because it is like a comfortable slipper. You know exactly what you are getting into and it is warm and comforting. No surprises can be a good thing if you are looking for something relaxing and mellow (and nobody likes finding surprises in their slippers anyway).

The only question with Slime 300 is whether or not it does enough to make it a familiar favourite or whether it slips away into obscurity at season’s end. Either way, people watching it will get what they want from it because people wanting something new or wanting exciting action are unlikely to start it.

Vivy so far has most impressed me with its story but again, not for originality. It is more that I like the kind of story being a fan of Terminator and other time-travel tales where we are trying to head off a future catastrophe. It will be interesting to see how Vivy deals with inevitable paradoxes in that premise, and more interesting to see how the AIs are handled as characters throughout.

The first three episodes however, definitely impressed and while we have a basic unlikely hero being called into action plot being set-up, there’s enough in the setting and character areas to keep this feeling fresh and interesting. Still, as with all original anime, there’s this small warning in the back of my mind cautioning me against getting too enthused about an anime until it is clear it knows where it is going.

Vivy Ep3 3
Vivy is also a pretty fun main character.

Overall, while finding something totally new is unlikely in an anime season, I still think there’s plenty on offer each season. A new spin or direction, new characters to fall in love with or hate, new visuals and settings and soundtracks to draw you in and make your emotions swoon or to raise an eye-brow at and wonder how they ever got the green light… A new anime season is full of possibilities and stories that might be familiar but at the same time will be entirely their own creation (for better or worse).

I love the start of a new anime season because there’s so much hope and possibility. The end of the season is good as well as stories come to a close, but by then for a lot of those stories, it is pretty clear where they need to go. Surprise endings rarely land well because they usually make little sense in the context of the story and final twists only work when they have been signposted all along.

For me, when deciding to watch a show it isn’t a matter of whether I think the story will be similar to another – that might actually be in its favour – but rather whether after watching the first episode I feel there’s any entertainment to be had. Will I like the cast? Is there a question I want answered? Does the tone intrigue me? Was it fun to watch? These are all more important questions for me in deciding whether I’ll watch a show than whether it is an ‘original’ story.

I know others might disagree or want something else from their anime, but for me, entertainment triumphs. It is why I am an anime fan.

Images in this article from:

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  • Fruits Basket: The Final. Dir. Y Ibata. TMS Entertainment. 2021.

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