Friday’s Feature: Strong Female Character?


I've mentioned before that I am a huge fan of Joss Whedon's work. As a teenager in the 90's it was more or less impossible not to get on-board the Buffy bandwagon, and it was such a great bandwagon to be on. A female character who was reasonably attractive, had street smarts (though struggled at … Continue reading Friday’s Feature: Strong Female Character?

Avoiding the Paradoxes of Time Travel or Plunging Headlong Into Them with Sagrada Reset


Sagrada Reset definitely has a unique way of looking at time travel but has it managed to avoid the paradoxes of time travel or is it just setting itself up for a worse knot to try and unravel?

Orange Series Review


Overview: Ten years ago Kakeru committed suicide. Now his friends, feeling regret, send letters to their past selves in an effort to save him. I reviewed this week to week so if you are interested in my thoughts on individual episodes click here. Review: For those following week to week, it is no surprise that … Continue reading Orange Series Review

The Flawed Premise of Orange And Why Naho Should Have Thrown The Letter Out


Future Naho and her friends decided to change their own timeline (through the dubious method of tossing letters back in time and hoping they'd reach their former selves) but why did the present versions listen?