Kiznaiver Episode 12

Review: Well, I will be doing a full series review on this soonish but this final episode was every bit the mess I expected after last week. The real issue being that everything that was resolved this week could have been resolved last week with about two lines of extra dialogue and none of the … Continue reading Kiznaiver Episode 12

Kiznaiver Episode 11

Review: Right, so we were on track for a fairly good episode. Katsuhira finally started using his head and actually developed some real growth rather than being artificially prodded along. The facility being closed down has become more inevitable than ever and the others in the group have been doing some self-reflection as well. Great. … Continue reading Kiznaiver Episode 11

Kiznaiver Episode 8

Review: It's been a problem throughout this series but episode 8 takes it to new levels: over explanation of the mundane while failing to actually tell us anything useful. Did we need nearly 3 minutes of this episode devoted to the researchers explaining their views on the romantic relationships evolving (given they haven't exactly been … Continue reading Kiznaiver Episode 8