Juni Taisen: Zodiac War Episode 12: I Think The Viewers Need Rat’s Wish



Sad that the final episode was the first that made me actually kind of intrigued by a character and the world constructed by this anime. Sad that all of the previous 11 episodes ultimately ended with Nezumi’s one wish that he decided needed to be granted. However it is now done and I will admit episode 12 at least let this show end with some dignity as it certainly provided a far more engaging viewing experience than anything thus far.


Nezumi was always a bit of an enigma but I liked the few times we saw him during the Juni Taisen so an episode focused on him was kind of entertaining to watch. His general attitude, while it would be frustrating to follow a protagonist with that mind-set for a whole season, was fairly amusing in the small doses we got and as a closer to the season. This episode also gave us some insight into the other contestants (though definitely a case of too little too late).

While this doesn’t change my overall pessimistic view of this show, I actually have to say I didn’t mind this final and it certainly could have been worse.

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Karandi James.