ACCA Episode 6


ACCA Episode 6 Review:

I can’t help but get into full speculation mode while watching ACCA episode 6. The Prince hanging the portrait and kind of seeing the girl in the portrait the king always looks at kind of just fuels the idea that maybe there’s a connection between the royal family and Jean. Though in addition to that there’s a lot of characters acting pretty suspiciously around Jean and I’m starting to think that none of them know what is actually going on.

acca episode 6

Mauve kind of burns Jean here and later we see she’s more or less written him off as an ally or information source, even though Jean still very much wants to help her out. However, Mauve has been tracking a coup that her own subordinates have suggested probably isn’t happening, so what is she really up to?


Jean’s work colleagues kind of manage to sum up his personality. While he is intensely focussed on details when working, he genuinely seems disinterested in people in his day to day life. As a direct result, unless he’s actually turned his attention on something specifically (such as Nino last episode), he’s prone to missing critical details. It’s an interesting facet of his personality.


And here’s Nino, back following Jean around only no longer even pretending to be subtle. He did at least adhere to Jean’s temporarily benching him and stayed with Lotta early in the episode but it seems like he’s back in business, though that leaves us wondering who he is reporting to (I’m voting for the King).

Anyway, this episode scatters its focus all over the place but these are all plot threads and characters we’ve gradually been introduced to so it isn’t overly confusing. The only real question is where are we going? All of these conversations and interactions seem to be pointing somewhere but that destination is still kind of hazy.

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March Comes in Like a Lion Episode 11


March Comes in Like a Lion Episode 11 Review:

While this episode of March Comes in Like a Lion is beautiful (nothing like a fever to justify some truly fascinating visuals) given Rei is bedridden for most of it and the rest is taken up with the sisters enjoying New Year’s there isn’t really a lot going on this episode.

Realistically, it kind of felt like a pause or the calm after the storm of last week’s emotional outburst from Rei, something he probably needed given the stress he was under. As a viewer, I was still interested in what was happening but when the episode ended I felt vaguely disappointed that little to nothing had progressed or changed or been revealed.

Still really enjoying this series but it is definitely more the overall feel of the show than the accomplishment of any individual episode at this point.

March Comes in Like a Lion is available on Crunchyroll.

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