Cowboy Bebop Series Review – Netflix’s Live Action Take on a Legendary Anime

Cowboy Bebop Netflix Live Action Review

Here we go again with another live action adaptation of a beloved anime, meaning before this one even landed there were dire predictions of this version of Cowboy Bebop failing. Now that it's dropped, what are my thoughts and is the Cowboy Bebop Live Action adaptation from Netflix worth watching?

Ajin Series Review – Interesting But Not Quite There


Ajin, available on Netflix, is the story about people who cannot die and as a result are not treated as human. It's an interesting idea and there are some interesting characters, though it doesn't quite bring things together. First published in June 2016.

High Rise Invasion Series Review

High Rise Review

I took this recommendation after reading Jon Spencer's take on it. After all, it seemed like just the silly kind of horror story I thoroughly enjoy (popcorn viewing at its finest). So ultimately, how did I find Netflix's High Rise Invasion?

Are You Drowning in Streaming Services?

Streaming Service

Previously I asked my twitter followers how many streaming services they were using to watch anime. I kind of feel during 2020 online access became far more important to a lot of us and it was a good year to take stock of just how many subscriptions I had and just what I was getting from them.

Sirius The Jaeger Series Review

Sirius The Jaeger

Sirius the Jaeger is actually great fun. We have a group called the Jaegers hunting down vampires and trying to exterminate them, meanwhile the vampires are conspiring with political activists and the like to get some shady and nebulous plot off the ground. It is a great set up and the pre-World War 2 setting really helps to allow some credibility for some of the goings on here.

Inquiring Minds Want To Know 2019 #4

Inquiring Minds Want to Know Feature Image

This week we turn our attention back to Netflix and how I feel about them producing their own anime compared to traditional Japanese studios producing them.

Inquiring Minds Want to Know 2019 #2

Inquiring Minds Want to Know Feature Image

Rise asks how I feel about Netflix creating live action anime - well there's a minefield and a half. Let's wade in.

Castlevania Season 2 Series Review: Oh Look, We Got The End Of The Season

Castlevania Season 2 Promotional Image

Now, that isn't to say Castlevania is bad. Because, it actually is quite a fun little romp of a story provided the copious blood and guts being splashed around aren't a problem and the clear sequel bait endings for the surviving cast members doesn't annoy. If this had come out in a solid chunk and I'd binged the 12 episodes altogether, I'd have had an absolute blast...

Bleach Live Action Movie Review: I Loved The Anime But What About This?

Bleach Live Action

But just like with video game adaptations, while there are certainly a fair share of truly dreadful ones to be found there are also adaptations that have worked and given a fairly satisfying watch. So the question becomes whether or not Bleach survived this adaptation?

Children of the Whales Series Review: Youthful Cast, Pastel Colours, and Genocide


I will get back to my ongoing reviews of the original Sailor Moon seasons in the near future but I decided I needed a short break from blonde pig-tailed heroines who fight for justice. And so I found myself eyeing off this title in my review list. Review: I should probably admit I watched the … Continue reading Children of the Whales Series Review: Youthful Cast, Pastel Colours, and Genocide