KADO Episode 4



While this show has previously moved at a snail’s pace (though this has been needed given how much information we’ve had to take in), episode 4 seems to have finally planted its foot on the accelerator. Part of that came from the absence of zaShunina for the large majority of the episode as we instead focussed on the humans scrambling around trying to figure out what to do with the infinite energy literally dropped into their laps.


That said, this episode isn’t without zaShunina’s particular take on the world and his discussion about countries and their purpose and how they operate is kind of interesting. Though, more interesting is his declaration that the wam are not for countries but for humanity, cleanly separating the concepts even as the UN and other countries work to put pressure on Japan.

Not sure what the intention is for the next move but things are definitely rolling along now and certainly we saw a lot more tension in the narrative during episode 4 than in the previous episodes. Really enjoyable story so far.

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Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 34


Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 34 Review:

Negotiations, long discussions, training, and an action sequence that I’m guessing had a purpose in Iron Blooded Orphans but I honestly don’t even remember what that particular group were trying to achieve. I’m thinking on rewatch it will probably make sense but on a week to week basis there are just too many names and too many different intrigues to keep them all straight.

As an episode, this was kind of a nothing. It didn’t do anything particularly interesting or anything particularly bad. There  was just a lot of shuffling characters from where they were to where they are going to need to be for the next round of conflicts.

Iron Blooded Orphans is available on AnimeLab.

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