ID:Invaded Episode 8 Review

Invaded8 Episode

My praise of the build up in the narrative and how the mystery was drawing together pretty much falls apart after viewing episode 8 of ID:Invaded. This is the episode that makes the audience question whether the whole plot was actually checked prior to beginning or if the writer just made stuff up as they went along.

ID:Invaded Episode 6 Review

Invaded6 Episode

Six episodes in and while ID:Invaded at times fails at a common-sense level, what it succeeds at is slowly building up compelling characters and an interesting ongoing mystery underlying the individual cases.

ID:Invaded Episode 4 Review

Invaded4 Episode

We've got a good old grave digger mystery with a bit of a twist this week in ID:Invaded and with actual flow on consequences from Sakaido's actions last week things are looking pretty solid for ID:Invaded this week.

ID:Invaded Episodes 1 + 2 Review

Invaded1 Episode

ID:Invaded gives us two episodes to start the season (though I guess technically it had an advance streaming for those who had access). A 'brilliant' detective goes inside the minds of murderers to help solve crimes.