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The fifth season of Natsume Yuujinchou, Natsume Yuujinchou Go picks up following Natsume as he interacts with his human and yokai friends. Season 5 does seem to be focussing a lot on the minor character backstories. I reviewed this week to week here if you want to check out my thoughts on individual episodes.


I’m keeping this one super short because I’ve already reviewed the first four seasons of this and revisited it and to be honest season 5 doesn’t really break away from what the other 4 seasons have done. Pretty much don’t start with this season. Watch the first four. While the show does take an episodic approach, it is the small changes in Natsume over the five seasons that help this show to really soar so you kind of need to watch it in order.


As I said in the overview, this season spends a lot of time with some of the other characters and fills in their back stories which was a nice diversion from the yokai of the week episodes (though we still had these as it is Natsume after all). Probably my biggest issue with season 5 is the limited focus Natsume himself gets, though after 4 seasons I guess it would be hard to continue to focus exclusively on him. And then Nyanko-Sensei has pretty much been sidelined for the entire season this time and given he’s my favourite character I just kept wanting him to be more involved. He does get a few good moments and we can clearly see how far he’s grown as a character but I just wanted more.


Natsume is still Natsume however and visually is cute but fairly washed out and none of the characters are particularly striking in their appearance (by the way, the picture above is a young Natori and not Natsume but it is hard to tell). The music is still really relaxing and just kind of fun to listen to and the episodes still resolve nicely and mostly happily without falling into the realm of overly sickly sweet.


Seriously, check out my review of the first four seasons and then if you like fantasy or slice of life at all go watch the show. It is amazing and there is a reason I’ve watched 5 seasons of it despite it being incredibly slow moving which is usually enough for me to give a show the flick.

Natsume Yuujinchou Go Episode 8


Natsume Yuujinchou Go Episode 8 Review:

So not Reiko’s past but Matoba and Natori’s which was kind of interesting but just left me wanting to know more about how they grew as exorcists and why their relationship seems so fractured in the present.

Natsume is conspicuously absent for the duration of this episode and most likely that’s because Natori is a very Natsume-like character as a child (though just a little bit more bitter). And this is something we already knew. Natori wanted the life Natsume has but wasn’t strong enough to fight for it and ultimately gave up on it. He chose the path of an exorcist and that’s a path Natsume has so far resisted though Natsume has come to the conclusion that occasionally an exorcism is needed for some yokai.

Ultimately this episode brings to life what we already knew and that is that both Natori and Matoba have struggled with their ability to see yokai and we clearly see why they are both drawn to Natsume. As usual, any episode with Matoba or Natori is one of my favourites and these two were the focus this week so I absolutely loved this.

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Natsume Yuujinchou Go Episode 6



Natsume returned to the normal formula of Natsume getting attacked by a random yokai and then helping another yokai over the course of the episode. He also lost his voice early on which he seemed to find a massive inconvenience. I really enjoyed this episode as it had a very nostalgic feel to it and we had a bit more Natsume and Nyanko-Sensei interaction then we’ve had in the past few episodes. The attacking yokai ended up being pretty much nothing which was kind of the big disappointment of the episode. yeah, it’s true to the show but it just seemed like there was a bit more build-up and that maybe they would actually be something resembling a threat and then they just kind of weren’t. Anyway, this is Natsume being typical Natsume so fans of the show will love it.