Kiss Him, Not Me Episode 8



Just when I think I’m over the basic faults in Kiss Him, Not Me’s premise we get an episode like this. Nanashima essentially assaults Kae because he has ‘a fever’ and then apologizes profusely but Kae is a little bit traumatized (from both the kiss and the realisation she couldn’t stop him from holding her down). And then at the end he ‘saves’ her by beating up some overzealous fans and she decides that boys can be scary but very dependable. Um, did I miss something there? What sort of rationalisation is that?

Once again,  I know that depicting realistic relationships is not actually the job of a story but could we at least not reinforce messages that allow culturally entrenched domestic abuse to be perpetuated. That would be nice.

Now, if I remove my personal distaste for this overall message this week, the episode is neither better nor worse than any other. That said, one more episode like this and I will finally toss this show into the dropped pile. There’s only so much air-headed girl getting pursued by guys who actually don’t know her as a person or particularly care about the person I can take and if we’re going to start excusing assault I think I’m going to have to pull the plug.

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Kiss Him, Not Me Episode 6



I’m going to start this episode review of Kiss Him, Not Me by pointing out that Igarashi should just go out with Nishina and that would at least cut out some of the extras from this show. Other than that, this week the show confronts head on how irrational some people can get with their views about anime to the point where we nearly lost a friendship for good (I’d shed a tear but I was rolling my eyes a little too much for that).


Also, Nanashima learns the hard way that there is no point asking logical questions of a die-hard fan. All round though, this episode was much the same as all the others so if you’ve been enjoying it so far there was nothing really different this week except that the two girls took centre stage with their shipping war.

Kiss Him, Not Me is available on Crunchyroll.