Moriarty The Patriot 2nd Season Episode 13 Review

The story of Irene continues and this episode has far more focus on Albert Moriarty. Things are definitely shaping up in this story and I'm curious as to where we're going with it all.

Otherside Picnic Series Review

Urasekai Picnic is one of those anime that you are either going to really enjoy or find incredibly frustrating and ultimately you won't be wrong. Check out my full review of Winter 2021's Otherside Picnic anime.

The Promised Neverland Season 2 Series Review

While nothing in this second season will change my opinion that season one of The Promised Neverland was an excellent, well crafted narrative that hit just the right emotional notes, there's no avoiding the fact that season 2 is pretty much everything season 1 wasn't and the end result is a less than satisfying mess. Be sure to read the full review and I'd love to know your thoughts on the series so leave me a comment. I will however warn there are spoilers for the final episode in this review which I would normally avoid but in this case I kind of feel I should spare people from having to watch this themselves so it is kind of needed.

Moriarty The Patriot Series Review

We're back in Victorian London, a setting that anime has well and truly visited before, and once again taking on Sherlock's story though this time we're finding out about William James Moriarty. It is an interesting take on the character though I'm not entirely sure they've nailed the execution here.

Moriarty The Patriot 2nd Season Episode 12 Review

Not sure if this is so much a 2nd season as the 2nd cour of season one given AnimeLab lists this under season one as episode 12, but whatever. Moriarty the Patriot has returned and done so before my review of season one has even come out (due next week - timing). Well, how does this first episode do?

Black Butler Season 1 Series Review

Black Butler - Series Review

Black Butler has for a long time been one of my favourite anime. For all the historical inaccuracies and potential plot problems, it remains a series that is very fun to watch and manages a solid and dramatic finale (which makes you wonder why season 2 happened). Read the full review. First posted May 2016.

Watch or Drop? Kemono Jihen

At this point I'm just going through the list of anime available on AnimeLab or Crunchyroll, removing idol, sport or other anime that generally have low-appeal, and hitting play on whatever is left. Kemono Jihen didn't look all that exciting but it was a supernatural anime so I went in a little hopeful.

High-Rise Invasion Series Review

I took this recommendation after reading Jon Spencer's take on it. After all, it seemed like just the silly kind of horror story I thoroughly enjoy (popcorn viewing at its finest). So ultimately, how did I find Netflix's High-Rise Invasion?

Watch or Drop? Otherside Picnic

This is an anime I went into more-or-less blind. The synopsis seemed interesting and the promotional images got my attention but the low score on MAL had me wondering. So what are my first impressions?

Gleipnir Series Review

There's a real sense of fun launching into a series no one can adequately describe to you without spoilers and while Gleipnir's early episodes definitely leave you wondering just what it is you are watching, as the story unfolds you realise that despite the bizarre trappings it is actually fairly coherent. However, does that make it fun? Read the whole review.