The Case Files of Jeweller Richard Episode 2

Hello one and all. I spontaneous decided that I would start off our Jeweller Richard conversation this week so I'm hoping Karandi isn't putting together a wonderful first draft as we speak! I have a feeling this show will be a bit of a miss with the average anime viewer but I have been wrong … Continue reading The Case Files of Jeweller Richard Episode 2


In/Spectre Episode 1 Review

The nice thing about not looking at what is coming out in the next season is that sometimes you get these pleasant surprises. While In/Spectre isn't going to have the broad appeal of bigger anime, for those who like their fun supernatural stories this one certainly has all the signs of being pretty entertaining.

PET – The Naked Brunch

Well this week PET went from wannabe Scorsese to wannabe David Lynch. And yeah, I know the Naked Lunch is Cronenberg, I’m just all over the place today… And wannabe might be a bit too mean. Let’s face it, not everything Lynch puts out is a masterpiece and not every aspect of PET is particularly … Continue reading PET – The Naked Brunch

Darwin's Game Episode 2 Review

Episode 2 confirms the worst suspicions about Dawin's Game as we continue to have a plot that has no interest in enlightening the viewer or even suggesting that there's a reason for anything and characters who act inconsistently. All and all this is one title that looks to remain consistently trash for the season yet if you're okay with that it might still be semi-enjoyable.

The Case File of Jeweler Richard Episode 1 Review

Seigi saves someone who appraises jewels from some random street violence and then hires him to look into a ring his grandmother had. It isn't the most compelling mystery but it does establish the two characters who will clearly be working together for the season.

ID:Invaded Episodes 1 + 2 Review

ID:Invaded gives us two episodes to start the season (though I guess technically it had an advance streaming for those who had access). A 'brilliant' detective goes inside the minds of murderers to help solve crimes.

Darwin's Game Episode 1 Review

Double opening episodes can be quite effective when done right but here it just felt like the time was dragging. Which is kind of a shame because in twenty minutes the content delivered here could have been reasonably interesting but instead they gave the viewer plenty of time to think about all the things this anime could have done better. Darwin's Game isn't dead in the water just yet but I'm not expecting much from it.

Kabukichou Sherlock Episode 7 Review

Not a bad showing given the previous handful of episodes, but neither is this an episode that is going to change your overall opinion about Kabukichou Sherlock. It works well enough but isn't satisfying as a mystery and the comedy is still very much missing the mark.

Kabukichou Sherlock Episodes 5 + 6 Review

This one goes from weird to bland to fairly forgettable. Kabukichou Sherlock is just kind of stumbling along at this point as we hit what would be a mid-season lull however it turns out this somehow has been given 24 episodes. Yeesh.