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Another huge thank-you to Rossiroad from My Brain is Completely Empty for participating in the anniversary celebration. Now, if you don’t follow Rossi, he’s currently involved in putting together an incredibly ambitious anime data base with a series of linked reviews. It’s a pretty massive undertaking and I tip my hat (should I be wearing one) to him for the amount of effort that must have been involved in the scheduling of those posts. I’m very glad they decided to get involved in my anniversary celebration and share their advice on scheduling.

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In about 100 Words:


Even if you have no consistent schedule you should be scheduling posts. What if you have two ideas on the same day? Releasing two posts on the same day makes your posts squished together and less clickable! Only a fool would want that! Here is an example of a foolish and unlucky blogger who fell for this mistake; don’t be like this!


Scheduling posts day’s apart means that people are more likely to read everything and develop a connection with your blog, which is good. To schedule click on “status” then “publish immediately” and click the calendar to change the date and time. Do it. It also means you can take a 7 month long vacation from blogging without anyone realising, like me!

I’m still going to maintain that those posts didn’t come out at the same time (though it wouldn’t be the first time I stuffed up my posting schedule and had posts come out together). Anyway, this is excellent advice as when you have multiple posts going out together, the posts kind of get lumped together in the reader and it makes it fairly easy to skip over, or to only look at one of the posts.

Be sure to check out more on My Brain is Completely Empty, and to start you off, here’s a post to check out:

Later today Irina is up with their thoughts on Passion and tomorrow Remy shares their thoughts on scheduling so be sure to keep checking out the anniversary posts. I’ll link to all of these at the end of the week, or you can sort by category and find all the anniversary posts in one place (from last year as well).

Thanks for reading.

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