Ms Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles Episode 1: Well The Title Is Not Misleading



Koizumi is a new student at school that Yuu seems somewhat infatuated with. By chance Yuu spots Koizumi in line at a ramen shop and decides to follow her in.


I’ve never been a big fan of the lost puppy type character that just keeps bouncing back after repeatedly getting kicked and that was more or less the experience of watching Yuu trying to befriend Koizumi.


Then the show spends a lot of time on the food. Like a lot of time. In one episode we get at least three different ramen dishes served and explained, which while educational isn’t exactly thrilling viewing unless you were in the mood for a lesson in ramen in which case it is probably excellent.


And then we get a lot of girls eating ramen with lots of slurps and other accompanying noises and while it doesn’t quite go into the foodgasm territory of Food Wars there’s definitely an after glow when they are done with the eating.


I might try a second episode of this, but to be honest I’m pretty sure that I’m going to move this to the tried and dropped pile very quickly. I didn’t much like the character interactions and there doesn’t appear to be a plot larger than try different kinds of ramen and maybe make a friend. So for me there just isn’t a lot of appeal here.

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Karandi James.