Bloodivores Episode 10

Review: Does anyone else have a problem with Mi Liu essentially feeding Lee Shin to a monster just because Lee Shin's awakening power is an inconvenience to Mi Liu's most recent half-thought-out 'plan'? Or was that just me? As an episode, Bloodivores this week was not great (not that it has ever really been great). … Continue reading Bloodivores Episode 10


The Cabin in the Woods Movie Review

My very first movie review (yes, even I take a break from anime occasionally). Overview: Five friends go to a remote cabin in the woods. Then things go strange. And really, that's all you can say about this without giving anything away. The review below is completely full of major plot points so please feel … Continue reading The Cabin in the Woods Movie Review

Bloodivores Episode 5

Review: How do you even start with this? Why is the scar on Mi Liu's arm on his inner arm when his father clearly grabbed him the other way? And in case we forgot that minor detail from episode 1, let's have a flashback sequence to make it clear that the scar and the 'Sapphire' … Continue reading Bloodivores Episode 5

Bloodivores Episodes 4

Review: At least someone is asking what happened to all these missing Bloodivores. It doesn't look like he's actually going to find an answer any time soon (and I'm pretty sure that they are setting him up to get in over his head and then killed) but at least someone is asking. That said, our … Continue reading Bloodivores Episodes 4

Cute High Earth Defense Club Love Episode 4

Review: And I'm done here as well. I really didn't think this show had a second season in it and when the giant ball of hair monster caused the building to sprout hair I knew it was over. The thing is, Cute High was a parody of magical girls but once you've got the joke … Continue reading Cute High Earth Defense Club Love Episode 4

The Lost Village Episode 9

Review: Forget subtle or slow building of tension. The Lost Village his the accelerator last week and just kept going. Characters run around confronting each other and their various monsters and once again nothing is explained. Turns out Hayato is even crazier than I gave him credit for after the mob scene and it isn't … Continue reading The Lost Village Episode 9