Top 5 Creepy Monstrous Creatures In Anime

Closing in on Halloween it is once again time to bring out some spooky top 5 lists. This week I'm looking at the top 5 creepy monster-like creatures I've come across in anime. I'd love to know which monster you think is the creepiest that anime has ever bestowed upon us.

Is Ajin Really A Commentary on the Selfish Nature of Humans?

Kei Nagai from Ajin is one of those characters I kind of love to hate. Within his story he works beautifully but he would be a horrible person to know in real life. Today I'm taking a closer look at this student who ends up on the run after learning he isn't exactly human.

One Punch Man Review Season Two Episode Nine

Those Who Would Call Themselves Hero One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 9 The dashing Saitama comes racing to the rescue and saves the day. Well, not quite. Saitama does get his amazing entrance in his hero costume and Suiryu is suitably impressed by the entrance of his saviour. However, a one punch fight is … Continue reading One Punch Man Review Season Two Episode Nine

One Punch Man Review Season 2 Episodes 7 + 8

The Hero And The Pretender One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 7 The S Class heroes are finally on the move against the monsters, not that the audience or One Punch Man cares given how little screen time the catastrophe striking multiple cities is given. Instead our focus is either on the end of the … Continue reading One Punch Man Review Season 2 Episodes 7 + 8

One Punch Man Review Season 2 Episode 6

Everybody is Monster Fighting Episode 6 Monsters outside the arena and monsters inside it. This episode keeps cutting between the two and both are interesting enough in their own way. Alright, I’ll be honest. I liked this episode a lot because we got quite a lot of Genos. Genos left the arena to go fight … Continue reading One Punch Man Review Season 2 Episode 6

12 Days of Anime Characters – Elias

12 Days of Anime Title Image

On the fourth day of the 12 Days of Aniblogging, I'm turning my attention to Elias from The Ancient Magus' Bride. An intriguing character, kept more intriguing by the lack of information more so than his actual presence.

Friday’s Feature: Facing Fear – The Unseen Is Always Scarier

Welcome to the last feature in October and the last horror focused feature for awhile. If you missed the previous posts I've looked at visuals, the victims, and how characters can make the audience feel the fear, and today I am looking at whether the seen or the unseen is scarier. Now every horror fan … Continue reading Friday’s Feature: Facing Fear – The Unseen Is Always Scarier

Sword Oratoria Episode 3

Review: Spin-off by their very nature are always going to be compared to the original and cross overs between events in the original series and the spin-off are more or less inevitable. However, Sword Oratoria seems devoted to walking us through the events that Bell experienced, only without Bell actually being present but for the … Continue reading Sword Oratoria Episode 3

Attack on Titan Series Review

Overview: Eren Yeager has grown up in a city surrounded by walls. Three in fact and they are the only things keeping the titans (really large humanoid monsters) from eradicating what is left of humankind. However, Eren wants out of the city. Then, a titan breaches the gate and Eren's world comes crumbling down. Training … Continue reading Attack on Titan Series Review

Bloodivores Episode 12

Review: How many synonyms are there for saying something is bad? There we go, episode 12 of Bloodivores reviewed in all its shining glory. Not only is this series without any resolution, the one reveal of any note this episode was something we'd all kind of figured out (or at least suspe cted) since episode … Continue reading Bloodivores Episode 12