Fruits Basket Review Episode 20

This week we meet the little kid with a big attitude but naturally he's just going through some stuff and a pep-talk from Tohru will begin the healing process. Fruits Basket continues to be a sweet viewing experience this season bringing the feels to the audience.

Fruits Basket Review Episode 19

Fruits Basket this week kind of killed the warm and fuzzy feeling it has been giving off. Goodbye sensitive handling of emotional depths and hello over-the-top characters and suicide humour? It isn't a deal breaker for the series but nor is it Fruits Basket's finest moment.

Fruits Basket Review Episode 18

How soothing can you get? Fruits Basket episode 18 works not on addressing the issues of bullying but on how victims can find the strength to keep going. It also bathes us all in a warm and happy glow.

Fruits Basket Review Episode 16

A Walk Down Memory Lane Fruits Basket Episode 16 After the breather, and slightly empty feeling episode, last week, Fruits Basket episode 16 dives deeply into the people surrounding Tohru. Specifically we’re seeing Arisa’s past and how she became connected with Tohru Honda. While we already knew that Arisa was a bit of a delinquent … Continue reading Fruits Basket Review Episode 16

Fruits Basket Review Episode 15

A Walk By The Lake Fruits Basket Episode 15 I think this is the first time when I genuinely preferred how the episode was handled in the older anime compared to this one. While this anime has taken a slightly different approach, for the most part I’ve found the changes are in the story’s favour … Continue reading Fruits Basket Review Episode 15

Fruits Basket Review Episode 14

Memories and Regret Fruits Basket Episode 14 We begin the second cour of this series with a new OP and a fresh reminder of the tragedy at the heart of the story with reminders of Tohru’s grief as well as the pain inside each of the Somas. It is an episode that isn’t letting up … Continue reading Fruits Basket Review Episode 14

Words of Wisdom

As promised, the quotes this week are a little more uplifting than last time. I love Erza as a character but by far her most admirable trait is her absolute devotion to her guild and how far she'll go to protect them. Almost everything Momiji says is super cute, so when he takes a turn … Continue reading Words of Wisdom