The Laughing Salesman Series Review

Overview: This is an episodic anime with two stories per episode linked together through the character of the salesman, Moguro. Each story he meets someone new and offers to heal the hole in their heart. This is usually followed by the person abusing the gift they are given and revealing their true and ugly nature … Continue reading The Laughing Salesman Series Review


The Laughing Salesman Episode 12

Review: While I've enjoyed this anime this season, I'm kind of glad this was the final episode because while its been enjoyable enough it was starting to become a little repetitious. It would have been nice to see the mould get broken once or twice but I'll save further discussion of that for a whole … Continue reading The Laughing Salesman Episode 12

The Laughing Salesman Episode 11

Review: If you've made it this far through the series you already know the formula that this show is going to follow. Our first contestant this week is a salaryman with self-destructive tendencies. Even after being shown the error of his ways, he still pursues a touch of danger and so Mogruo, being the helpful … Continue reading The Laughing Salesman Episode 11

The Laughing Salesman Episode 10

Review: Story one follows a guy who right from the start walks into his own catastrophe by first falling 'in love' with a girl in an image, secondly by dismissing her friend as serving only the purpose of making her prettier, thirdly by dating said friend in the hopes of getting close to the first … Continue reading The Laughing Salesman Episode 10

The Laughing Salesman Episode 9

Review: There's nothing wrong with predictability when you are an episodic kind of show and set each part up as a formula from the beginning. No one is expecting much other than a new spin on that formula as you venture into each story. That said, this week The Laughing Salesman kind of felt like … Continue reading The Laughing Salesman Episode 9

The Laughing Salesman Episode 7

Review: The past couple of episodes have been interesting but have made me seriously question Moguro's purpose and methods and the first part of episode 7 merely continues that. Moguro is outright turned down by his target and so he steals his bag and runs into a bar forcing the man to follow and that … Continue reading The Laughing Salesman Episode 7

The Laughing Salesman Episode 6

Review: Given Moguro is the only recurring character in this series, figuring him out has become kind of my main goal each week. Originally it seemed pretty straight forward that he was finding people who thought they were lacking something, giving it to them, and then pulling a be careful what you wish for manoeuvre. … Continue reading The Laughing Salesman Episode 6