Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 30

Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 30


Iron Blooded Orphans had a lot of fun this week setting up death flags for around half the cast. How many of them will actually end up dying remains to be seen but if the sad narration at the end of the episode is anything to go by the issue of too many characters may resolve itself. Mikazuki and Orga didn’t really get up to much this episode but that was a good thing as it gave us a chance to remember some of the other faces from season 1. Actually I started feeling really bad for Takaki this week (a character who I had been aware of previously but not paid much attention to). I’d really like him not to die (or his sister) but of all the characters this week he seems the most likely to either die in the near future or to survive after seeing all of his friends die and both options seem pretty tragic. Still, this episode show cases the flaw in Tekkadan’s entire growth after season 1. They don’t have management experience or an understanding of politics. The alliances they’ve made are ones of convenience for the other parties. And Earth and Mars are a long way apart when something goes wrong… This second season is still a bit less intense than season 1 and a bit less interesting but it is progressing the story and I do want to find out who is still breathing when we get to the end of the road.

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Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans Episodes 26 + 27


Iron Blooded Orphans Episodes 26 and 27 Overview:

Tekkadan are back and they’ve won some respect after the first season but things are far from secure for the group. A lot of plots are still running in the background while all new issues begin to raise their head in yet another Gundam anime.

Review Episode 26:

Time has passed but the critical plot points left over from season 1 have all been brought back (not in a way that would make all that much sense to people who hadn’t watched season 1, but enough that those of us who did don’t need to rewatch 25 episodes to make sense of this). The tone hasn’t changed in the slightest and neither has the weird habit of characters using incredibly stilted dialogue to convey their motives to one another (and I guess the audience).

Everything has to be said out loud no matter how awkward that makes the dialogue at times.  Visually it is as impressive as ever and the music is definitely trying to push us into excitement mode. That said, this episode was weighed down with recap (without recapping) and constant shifts through the cast so we knew where everyone was up to after the last season. I’m kind of expecting more of the same from season 1 which will leave this as a Gundam series I enjoyed watching but not one of my favourite shows ever.

Review Episode 27:


Yep, more of the same. We’ve had our action set piece so now everyone will sit around and reflect on their failures and their next moves. In the meantime, we’ll also ensure that our newly introduced and seemingly driven character is given a rushed backstory that is much the same as everyone else’s but somehow it has twisted his logic into an incomprehensible mess.

The takeaway from this episode is that in expanding as fast as it did after the events last season, Tekkadan is no longer the cohesive group it was as the original members are fiercely loyal to their leader and an ideal whereas other members have their own thoughts about the priorities of the organisation. All and all, we’re setting up for everything to fall apart so right on track for most Gundam shows really.

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