Mitsuboshi Colours Episode 1: More Cute Girls



The adventures of the Colors include struggling to be heard, playing games, solving puzzles, and outsmarting some adults, all before nightfall! What will happen to them when reality starts rearing its ugly head?

– From HiDive


I’ve probably already over-saturated my brain with cute girls this season and so in fairness, this one didn’t get much of a chance. Then again, it is cute girls being cute and running around trying to keep the town safe, have fun, and maybe tease the local police-man. It works well for what it is but I just found myself counting down the minutes until this one was done.


The cat was adorably panda like, and the game obsessed girl was my favourite character, but even then there was just nothing really grabbing me about this episode. Not even bringing out the rocket launcher did much to engage me.


So this one is a pass from me. There’s nothing overly wrong with the show and I’m certain some people will find the girls’ antics adorable but I’m just going to let it go.

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Karandi James.