elDLIVE Episode 10


Review: For a show that supposedly has only 12 episodes they really aren't making any effort to bring this season to any kind of climax. We get another kind of throw-away investigation of the week episode with some bare minimum character development propped against it in episode 10. And also a random introduction to yet … Continue reading elDLIVE Episode 10

elDLIVE Episode 9


Review: I really wish that this show hadn't tried to shove all the new characters into Chuta's class at school. It just seems incredibly pointless and the ongoing human ignorance of alien presence ("what is that cosplay?") is just getting ridiculous. Even the citizens of Sunnydale eventually woke up that they were living on a … Continue reading elDLIVE Episode 9

elDLIVE Episode 8


Review: There were moments this episode where I was having a great time. Then there were other moments when I was wondering why I'm still watching this show. Early in the episode I had one of those flash-back moments to Scooby Doo but then we moved to some slightly more high stakes drama and it … Continue reading elDLIVE Episode 8

elDLIVE Episode 4


Review: This episode does indeed seem to kick things into gear finally. Admittedly, it starts slowly with Chuta reminiscing about the past, though in this case it is kind of important to show he has changed since joining elDLIVE and it becomes important later in the episode. We are subjected to one moment of fairly … Continue reading elDLIVE Episode 4

elDLIVE Episodes 2 + 3


Review Episode 2: While there isn't anything wrong with playing clich├ęs for laughs, parodying earlier time periods, or even being derivative, if that is all you are offering and you aren't particularly funny then your show is in trouble. Chuta may gain some confidence as a person this week but as a character he is … Continue reading elDLIVE Episodes 2 + 3