D Gray Man Hallow Episode 5

Review: Right, I'm back to fangirling. This episode was amazing. From start to finish I loved it. I loved that the scientists had some focus time, and I really, really hope they don't die tragically in the next episode or two, though given it's D Gray Man, they actually might kill them off. It would … Continue reading D Gray Man Hallow Episode 5

D Gray Man Hallow Episode 4

Review: It may just have been me, but I felt all the characters were excessively chatty this episode. So many new bits of information dumped very quickly in fairly awkward lines of conversation, to the point where we jumped into a battle mid-way along and really don't know where they are fighting or why because … Continue reading D Gray Man Hallow Episode 4

D.Gray-Man Hallow Episode 1

Overview: Allen Walker is an exorcists and works for the Black Order to defeat the Millenium Earl. There's a lot of other details about Akuma and Innocence and to be perfectly honest if you haven't watched the original 103 episodes you aren't going to be jumping on board here so hunt them down and watch … Continue reading D.Gray-Man Hallow Episode 1