12 Days of Anime Characters – Shimada

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Shimada may not be the most dynamic character ever, however this quiet achiever slowly built up his presence in March Comes in Like a Lion and delivers one of the best character arcs ever, only slightly overshadowed by other characters in the same story. It is Day 2 of the 12 Days of Anime.


OWLS Blog Tour: The Small Words That Make All The Difference

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It's another OWLS post and this time I am exploring the theme of Mentors. OWLS  are a group of otaku bloggers who promotes acceptance of all individuals regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion and disability. OWLS emphasise the importance of respect, kindness, and tolerance to every human being. Each month, OWLS will look at … Continue reading OWLS Blog Tour: The Small Words That Make All The Difference

Does Knowing What Happens Ruin The Story?

I've been wondering this for awhile; how much information can you give in a write up or a review before you enter spoiler territory? And even if you do tell people what something is about, or what happens in it, does that actually spoil the watching of it?

Twin Star Exorcists Episode 8

Review: Best friend and fiancée having a squabble. Check. Strange guy from the past who is super powerful showing up. Check. Strange guy turns out to a mentor but also has a really bad attitude. Check. Twin Star is definitely not looking to do anything new but the pace of this episode and the emotional … Continue reading Twin Star Exorcists Episode 8