Apparently They Do Grow On Trees

Endro - Post Title Image

Endro Episode 9 and 10 Review - The girls are back with their usual antics which are kind of fun and kind of cute but always a little bit uplifting.

Alert! Time Travelling Heroine Surrounded By Pretty Boys!

Meiji Tokyo Renka post title

From first glance this one appears to be a fairly standard girl goes to other world/historical setting and every pretty boy in sight falls in love with her. Maybe it will distinguish itself in time but episode one sure didn't.

Say I Love You Series Review

Say I Love You Mai and Yamato

Say I Love You Series Review - It's the story of a girl who has no friends and wants none. It's the story of a boy who finds her interesting and falls in love. It's the story of what happens next and the way the two will change one another and the people around them.

Anniversary Special Post – Interaction with Mei


A big thank-you to Mei for deciding to take part in the anniversary this year. Mei writes over on The Treasure Box where you will find, well, treasure. Or rather, a treasure trove of thoughts about anime, manga, drama and whatever else Mei's thoughts turn to. For their contribution, Mei has taken on the idea … Continue reading Anniversary Special Post – Interaction with Mei