Sakugan Episode 2 – Can The Father-Daughter Team Defeat the Kaiju?

Sakugan Episode 2 Review

Episode 2 of Sakugan is more or less the conclusion to the fight against the kaiju that was begun in episode 1 as well as a transition then to the journey the characters will go on. Was it entertaining? Be sure to read the full review.

Sakugan Episode 1 – Made In Abyss Vibes But Offers Enough To Feel Unique

Sakugan Episode 1 Review

Sakugan is an anime that is very easily compared with Made in Abyss because of a number of key factors in its setting and premise. That said, this episode actually ended up feeling like very much its own story and by the end of it I was ready for more. Be sure to read the full review.

Captain Earth Series Review: Earth is Doomed and As Usual Only a Group of Teens (And Robots) Can Save Us

Captain Earth is one of those series that is kind of lame and yet also worth watching because there's fun to be had and some good ideas buried in the mess. And it's always fun watching super powered teens in giant robots fight to save the earth.

Watch or Drop? Eighty-Six

Watch or Drop

Another military fantasy anime featuring a naive female in a position of power... Here's hoping eighty-six goes better than The Price of Smiles.

The Price of Smiles Series Review

The Price of Smiles Episode 1

Two very different girls on opposite sides of a war find themselves each day wondering why they keep on going. As friends and comrades are killed, the pain of war increases and their desperation to find a reason to smile grows. This is The Price of Smiles and it follows each girl until they meet and the choice they end up making.

Bringing Back Smiles Through Over-Simplification

The Price of Smiles Post Title Image

The Price of Smiles Episode 12 Review - Well we have come to the end and I can say with confidence at least that this anime concludes its story. The fact that it does so through over-simplifying the situation in the extreme and relies on cute girls smiling to sell the solution is kind of a point against it, but at least we aren't left hanging for a sequel that probably would never have happened.

Not About Who Is Right, Only Who Is Left

The Price of Smiles Post Title Image

The Price of Smiles Episode 10 and 11 Review - The war marches on creating more orphans, more sadness, and more death. Whoever 'wins' this conflict isn't going to be left with much and the price has been very, very high.

Where Will Yuuki Find Her Smile Now?

The Price of Smiles Post Title Image

The Price of Smiles Episode 6 - Yuuki's kingdom is getting pressured and the capital is soon to fall. During the last stand Yuuki will make a decision that will change everything, but even then her own people may not follow her lead. With everything that has happened, the question is whether or not Yuuki will ever find a reason to smile after all of this?

The Desperation of Both Sides in a War

The Price of Smiles Post Title Image

The Price of Smiles Episode 5 Review - Even though we've spent barely an episode prior with Stella and her team, this week the Price of Smiles shows that it can make you care about characters in a very short space of time. To the point where it is difficult to know if you are hoping for them to succeed or fail as they move in behind the enemy position.

Rare Case When Naive Heroism Doesn’t Win The Day

The Price of Smiles Post Title Image

The Price of Smiles Episode 4 Review: Coincidences may be stacking up and a few parts of this story are stretching plausibility, but that doesn't change that they are doing a beautiful job of crushing Yuuki's core personality and that is making it all the better.