ACCA Episode 7

Review: If you haven't watched the episode, spoilers ahead. This show is a joy to watch. After weeks of holding off on giving us anything solid this week seems all about having characters just dropping major reveals casually like it is nothing into their everyday conversations. We don't learn everything, and there is still the … Continue reading ACCA Episode 7

ACCA Episode 6

Review: I can't help but get into full speculation mode while watching this anime. The Prince hanging the portrait and kind of seeing the girl in the portrait the king always looks at kind of just fuels the idea that maybe there's a connection between the royal family and Jean. Though in addition to that … Continue reading ACCA Episode 6

ACCA Episode 3

Review: Not going to lie, at three episodes in this show is definitely impressive. It impresses me how much information it can reveal about situations while saying almost nothing but leaving the potential meanings hanging for you to slot into place with previous ideas. It impresses how it can make you question everything anyone says … Continue reading ACCA Episode 3