Haikyuu Episodes 20 + 21

Review Episode 20: This episode is fairly tense. The game is every bit as hard as expected and while most of the characters keep trying to bring their spirits back up, Kageyama seems to hit a wall. Not surprising really for a perfectionist, control-freak to berate himself for what he perceives as poor performance, but … Continue reading Haikyuu Episodes 20 + 21

March Comes in Like a Lion Episode 20

March Comes in Like a Lion

Review: The previous episodes all seemed to be pushing Shimada as a mentor or father figure onto Rei. Someone to give him guidance and help him move forward professionally after the sisters had managed to make him move forward a little bit socially. Or at the very least they got him out of his apartment. … Continue reading March Comes in Like a Lion Episode 20

Haikyuu Episodes 6 + 7

Haikyuu Kurusu Team

Review Episode 6: Seriously, how is this team not the antagonist of the series? Just look at that picture of them attempting to intimidate the other players. Though Hinata's insecurity does lead to some interesting daydreams. The issue being that about half the time I'd love to see that actually happen to him. Which is … Continue reading Haikyuu Episodes 6 + 7

March Comes in Like a Lion Episode 13

Review: A couple of spoilers below so if you care who wins the matches maybe watch the episode first. That and I really went over my 100 words this week. Oops. From the start this episode is a bit off. We get a fairly long recap of what happened last week and then we have … Continue reading March Comes in Like a Lion Episode 13

March Comes In Like a Lion Episode 3

Review: Another match and another visit with the sisters. While I find Kiriyama's commentary interesting and I still feel this is one of the better shows of the season, this episode didn't do a lot (and that is the general problem with slice of life). There was a lot about the characters, though little that … Continue reading March Comes In Like a Lion Episode 3

Days Episode 7

Review: We finally met a mean-spirited soccer team. It seems insane that none of the players ended up with serious injuries after a match like that but otherwise this was actually really fun to watch. Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed that, despite Tsukamoto's short comings, most people have been supportive, but it meant there … Continue reading Days Episode 7

The Asterisk War Episode 21

Review: How do you make a grand-final match kind of dull? Just deliver more of exactly the same. A sword transformation aside this last fight was pretty ordinary and 'injuring' Julis so she couldn't take part in the final exchange was just kind of lame. Not to mention, police investigation or not, in a team … Continue reading The Asterisk War Episode 21