Behind Every Great Anime Protagonist Is A Great Supporting Cast

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Previously I've looked at reasons why being a villain would suck and I've certainly looked at various characters on my blog and why they shine, but with the exception of Natsume (see the supporter battle Irina and I worked on), I seldom discuss the supporting cast and their importance in making or breaking a series. … Continue reading Behind Every Great Anime Protagonist Is A Great Supporting Cast

Servamp Revisited

So I originally made it through an episode and a half. Rather than try to pick it up mid-episode I read a synopsis of episode 2 and hit episode 3. Review: Yeah-no. As cool as the whole vampire setting is, and clearing out a restaurant by dropping a body on the floor, and even some … Continue reading Servamp Revisited

Friday’s Feature – On Overpowered MC’s

I know right from the start of writing this article that I'm going to step on some toes but this is an argument that comes up time and time again and I decided I wanted to discuss this. Why is an overpowered main character considered a bad thing? Admittedly, I do like anime where the … Continue reading Friday’s Feature – On Overpowered MC’s

Big Order Episode 10

Review: And not with a bang but with a whimper this show staggers into the forgettable recesses of time. Will do a full series review but let's be honet, this final episode cannot stand on its own merit. It has none. Let's just throw everything and anything around and then we'll conveniently remember we reduced … Continue reading Big Order Episode 10