Kaichou wa Maid-Sama Series Review

Overview: Misaki is the first female student council president at a school that used to be an all boys school but is now co-ed (with a very low female student population). She's determined to reform the school and the boys in it and to encourage more female students to enroll. However, her family are quite … Continue reading Kaichou wa Maid-Sama Series Review


Kiss Him, Not Me Episode 3

Review: Let's have a school festival and embrace all the clichés on the planet. Maid cafe. Check. No, a cosplay cafe. Check. Class doing a play. Check. Guy having to dress like a girl. Check. Hand holding freak out. Check. Sharing a meal freak out. Check. Haunted house freak out. Check. Girl getting unwanted attention … Continue reading Kiss Him, Not Me Episode 3

Heavy Object Series Review

Overview: In the future, warfare has been revolutionized by the invention of mechanical weapons called "Objects." These Objects are overwhelmingly powerful, rendering traditional weapons like guns, tanks and fighter jets completely useless. Qwenthur is an un-athletic, but smart soldier who aims to work as an Object mechanic. Stationed at an Alaskan Object base, he meets … Continue reading Heavy Object Series Review

Strange+ Episode 1

I recently came across this series while using the random episode button on Crunchyroll. I've only watched episode 1, and I won't be watching anymore. Review: This 3 minute episode manages to cram in a lot of different gags. Expect an ugly treasure, a traitor maid, a series of traps that manage to hit every … Continue reading Strange+ Episode 1

Shonen Maid Episode 4

I won't be writing the overview anymore. If you want, you can read a brief overview from my review of episode 3. Review: This episode is split into two distinct parts. The first focuses on Chihiro cleaning Madoka's room and learning a lesson about forcing his values on others. The second part focuses on Keiichiro … Continue reading Shonen Maid Episode 4