3 Ways Magic Can Undermine Good Anime

As a fantasy fan from the cradle I love a good dash of magic in my narratives. That said, sometimes the very presence of magic can hurt the story. Here are 3 ways magic can undermine what might otherwise be a pretty good story.

Magia Record Episode 2 Review

There's magical girls, encounters with witches and the possible memory of a missing sick sister and yet I couldn't help but feel this episode felt a little empty. At least there's plenty of pretty backgrounds to look at.

Magia Record Episode 1 Review

Magia Record is another entry in the Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica franchise, though apparently it is based off a spin-off game. Having only watch the original anime series and none of the movies and the like, I'm a little out of the loop as to how this fits in the grand story if at all, but I know I am up for some more magical girl antics and so I'm pretty much on board with this anime from the start.

Granbelm Review Episode 1

This anime got my attention. Granbelm Episode 1 Magic girls fight in an imaginary space using giant robots that are actually a materialised version of their heart? Okay, Granbelm, I’ll bite. Admittedly outside of the giant robots we’ve essentially got another magical girl battle royale going on which have kind of become a dime a … Continue reading Granbelm Review Episode 1

Kenja no Mago Anime Review

Kenja no Mago - Shin

Reincarnated Ultimate Magican Takes on Common Sense and Demonoids Let’s get it out of the way straight up so that we can move on. If there was a generic list of points for your standard isekai story, Kenja no Mago would tick almost all of them. It is the story of the average Japanese guy … Continue reading Kenja no Mago Anime Review

Kenja no Mago Review Episode 12

The Ultimate Magicians Do Their Thing Wise Man's Grandchild Episode 12 Prediction correct; this was most definitely an unsatisfying ending. Sure the beat off the demonoids who were attacking the neighbouring kingdom and decide that they are going to make an alliance with other nations for future safety, etc, but realistically this is the first … Continue reading Kenja no Mago Review Episode 12

Kenja no Mago Review Episode 10

Revenge Gained, Now What? Kenja no Mago Episode 10 Early in this episode of Kenja no Mago I wondered whether or not we needed half an episode devoted to the antagonist’s back story. The answer is actually yes, though possibly we could have gotten the highlights of the story in a shorter period of time … Continue reading Kenja no Mago Review Episode 10

Kenja no Mago Review Episode 6

The typical 'work together' message undermined by super powered teen. Episode 6 Kenja no Mago shows us the right way to blow off some steam… Okay, maybe not but I have to admit that Shin made that look so satisfying even if the results were kind of destructive. The war ended up being pretty abrupt, … Continue reading Kenja no Mago Review Episode 6

Kenja no Mago Review Episodes 1 + 2

Cliche and yet kind of fun. Episode 1 Be prepared for the new self-aware cliché driven title as Spring 2019 delivers Wise Man’s Grandchild or Kenja no Mago. Shin is reincarnated after a close encounter with every isekai anime’s favourite traffic related death and is raised by Merlin in a forest. There he learns magic, … Continue reading Kenja no Mago Review Episodes 1 + 2

The Outlook Is Grimm

Grimms Notes Post Title Image

Grimms Notes Episode 7 and 8 Review - This one has far and away been the underperformer of the season. With an interesting concept at its core, it just never manages to emotionally connect and so far character development or motivation has been somewhat underwhelming.