200 Word Anime: Black Clover Episode 5


Weekend Otaku and I continue our thoughts on Black Clover. This week the exam is over and we find out if they made it into the Magic Knights or not, though there wasn’t all that much doubt about how this was going to end. If you missed them, please check out our previous posts.


Karandi’s Review:

We finally got to see some actual magic fights and they were kind of cool, but given we knew nothing about the people fighting other than being visually kind of interesting there wasn’t a lot of reason to invest in what was going on. We also finally got to see Yuno in a fight and he is very cool but, and this leads into my main issue with Juni Taisen, stoic characters who don’t react to danger are kind of boring to watch. Asta’s reactions might be totally over the top but at least he emotes (I just wish he was a bit quieter about it).

I enjoyed this episode though it went exactly as expected given it was more or less flashing a neon sign about where Asta would ultimately end up earlier last week. They even tried that whole fake out where at first no one takes him in and then there’s a twist. But, no big surprises here.

Still, they’ve managed to make me interested enough in the Black Bulls even though I’m not expecting anything terribly original. The Captain seems intriguing because at first he seemed kind of like Kenapchi from Bleach but this episode he started to take on more of his own personality and I’m kind of interested in him as a character at this point. I’m also wanting to know what is in store for Yuno given he’s now going to be endlessly looked down on as the one non-noble or royal in his group (and this show has not been subtle about class divide). Okay, it took 5 episodes but now I’m actually kind of curious and not just wanting it to improve. Hopefully, it continues to draw me in.


Weekend Otaku’s Review:

As Karandi point out, this episode brought in some of the right elements to create interest in the show, if not any actual investment yet. There are a few things I would like to see improve, though:

First, why has no one said anything about Asta’s grimoire since episode 1? The five leaf is supposed to be rarer than the four leaf, right? A few characters by now should have seen it up close, and if the chain guy recognized it I expect that Magic Knight captains should too.

Second, please do something interesting with Yuno. All he does this episode is create a vortex to fend off his opponent’s lightning ball (because as we learned from Naruto, wind beats lightning). The only reason we have to think Yuno is something special is because everyone keeps saying so. The show was hinting that this is his story as well as Asta’s so I would like some more focus on him and actually getting to know his character.

The last problem I’ll point out today is one that I don’t think will ever be fixed, and that’s Asta’s motivation. I feel no empathy for him because there is no indication as to why he’s determined to become the Wizard King. I feel like there has to be something more than a fairy tale to drive him, but we haven’t been given any clues. Maybe his tenure with the Black Bulls will bring something out, or maybe I’m just being overly hopeful.

In any case, I’m with Karandi in that I am interested in knowing what happens next, so the show is working on some level.


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