Top 5 Anime Characters in the Mafia

Tuesday's Top 5

There's something about a good gangster story that really draws in the viewers. Unfortunately there aren't a huge number of anime that deal with the mafia or gangsters and even then, most of my favourite characters in those stories aren't actually in the mafia, so this list was a little tricky to put together. Ultimately … Continue reading Top 5 Anime Characters in the Mafia

Bungo Stray Dogs Series Review: Guys With Super Powers, What More Do You Need?

This is part of a series of re-posts of older reviews on 100 Word Anime. The original review came out in July 2016 and can be found here. Now this post originally had those random circular images in it that just look kind of hideous and didn't really have much in the way of flow. So … Continue reading Bungo Stray Dogs Series Review: Guys With Super Powers, What More Do You Need?

Gangsta Series Review

Overview: Much like the title suggests, Gangsta deals with the events of a mafia run city called Ergastulum. Mostly we follow Worick and Nicholas, two 'handymen' as they take on pretty much any job for a price. Review: It would be easy to make the case that Gangsta goes for style over substance and without … Continue reading Gangsta Series Review

91 Days Series Review

Overview: Set in the fictional city of Lawless during the prohibition era, the story follows Avilio (Angelo) as he seeks revenge against those who killed his family. Some spoilers below. Review: Revenge stories are always a bit of a problem because right from the start you have a fairly narrow range of options from a plot point … Continue reading 91 Days Series Review

91 Days Episode 11

Review: Turns out we have one more episode but this was a highly entertaining episode. The first half was all semi-ironic statements about planning for a future (that we should all know by now was never going to exist) and the second half was metaphorically about burning everything down (though less flames and more knives … Continue reading 91 Days Episode 11

91 Days Episode 9

Review: Corteo is captured but not yet killed. Kind of surprising really. This week felt like the story was done diverting us from the central narrative by watching gang in-fighting and seemed to get right back to Avilio and his revenge. Who is the elusive letter sender? Who is the fourth killer? With that focus … Continue reading 91 Days Episode 9

91 Days Episode 1 + 2

Overview: Mafia story about revenge and illegal alcohol. I could probably be more specific but there's already been so much promotion for this it doesn't really feel necessary. Review Episode 1: This is a promising first episode. We're introduced to a young man and his motives for revenge. His friend is good with chemistry (helpful … Continue reading 91 Days Episode 1 + 2

Bungo Stray Dogs Series Review

I watched this series week to week and if you want to see my thoughts on individual episodes, click here. Overview: Down on his luck orphan, Atsushi, rescues a man attempting suicide in a river and then finds himself working for the Armed Detective Agency, an agency comprised of unusual individuals with powers (and the … Continue reading Bungo Stray Dogs Series Review