Puella Magi Madoka Magica Series Review: Make a Wish, Pay the Price

Overview: I've really touched on Madoka before when I wrote a feature regarding the┬áStrange Case of Madoka Magica but I've not yet written an actual series review so I figured it was about time. For those that don't know, Madoka Magica is about Madoka who is approached one day by Kyubey and offered the power … Continue reading Puella Magi Madoka Magica Series Review: Make a Wish, Pay the Price


Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 2

Review: The curse of no individual identity continues to plague this show as we go through the motions of setting up a tournament to decide which magical girls get to stay and which will go. The foreshadowing for the end is obvious so there is no surprise twist. More importantly, the character tragedy for the … Continue reading Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 2

Shonen Maid Series Review

It only just recently occurred to me that I hadn't actually done a series wrap up on this anime after finishing it. Overview: Chihiro's mother dies and he is left alone until Madoka, a relative, shows up to take him in. Not wanting to rely on the kindness of others, Chihiro becomes a live in … Continue reading Shonen Maid Series Review

Friday’s Feature – On Magical Girls (3/3)

Let's wrap up this mini-series of posts (though I am definitely going to revisit the subject matter at some point because really nowhere near enough has been said). This week I want to look at exceptions within the magical girl genre and discuss the lack of an equivalent magical boy genre. While there are a … Continue reading Friday’s Feature – On Magical Girls (3/3)

Friday’s Feature – On Magical Girls (2/3)

Right so we're back to magical girls and this week I wanted to look at the characters and the magic powers that crop up in these stories. While this is where many of these stories differentiate themselves, there are still a lot of common factors between shows. Alas, I am only going to be looking … Continue reading Friday’s Feature – On Magical Girls (2/3)

Shonen Maid Episode 11

Review: It's getting hard to review this because just saying it is sweet over and over is a little repetitive. So, it is still sweet, but I'm going to offer some criticism this time. Episode 10 brought a real sense of impending drama with the 'revelation' of Chihiro's grandmother (though it was really doubtful anyone … Continue reading Shonen Maid Episode 11

Shonen Maid Episode 10

Review: This was probably one of my favourite episodes so far. Not a lot happens other than a grave visit but it feels like a lot of the plot threads and character developments have come together in this episode. It wasn't as light or amusing as other episodes but took a more serious tone and … Continue reading Shonen Maid Episode 10

Shonen Maid Episode 9

Review: What can you say? The show continues to be adorable is illogical. Why you would meet someone for tea and talk with them for a whole afternoon, and discuss meeting again when you haven't. even asked their name makes no sense. It feels in part like they are wanting to look at the deeper … Continue reading Shonen Maid Episode 9

Shonen Maid Episode 8

Review: This episode didn't really do much of anything. I didn't dislike it, but I also can't really think of anything particularly good about it. The characters keep doing what they do and it is still super sweet. We see Chihiro and Madoka learning to ice-skate, celebrating new year's, and the usual cleaning routine. That's … Continue reading Shonen Maid Episode 8

Shonen Maid Episode 7

Review: This week the episode felt a little stronger and the relationship between Chihiro and Madoka got to be explored from a different angle as Madoka came to school as Chihiro's guardian. Throw in some self-exploration by Chihiro as he tries to determine what he's interested in being in the future and the whole episode … Continue reading Shonen Maid Episode 7